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Processing & enriching

Our data portal solution allows you to quickly improve the quality of your data. Correct errors, enrich your data, and cross-reference to generate valuable insights in just a few clicks.

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Effortlessly improve the quality of your data

With more than 50 flexible and customizable processors, the solution helps you to easily implement instant, advanced processing of your freshly imported data. Apply geographic transformations, correct text errors, format dates, and precisely reshape your dataset content, all without the need to write a single line of code.

The processors most used by our customers

Replace text

Have you identified a typo or an error in your dataset? Use our processor to correct it on the fly.

Create a geographic location

Generate the precise location you need from the GPS coordinates in your dataset.

Normalize a date

Adapt your data to the standard date and time representation as defined by the ISO 8601 standard.

Pseudonymize data

Respect the confidentiality of personal data by transforming a geolocated location into an approximate radius.

Features that save you time

Automatic recognition

of field types for faster processing of your data

Renaming of processors

according to how you use them, making it easy to find them again

Temporary activation and deactivation

of processes to avoid their permanent deletion

Real-time preview of the results

of processing operations applied to your dataset

We’re a smaller city with modest means, so we plan to integrate technology into our programs to drive automation, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making. The platform delivers enormous return on investment for us and we really see Opendatasoft as a partner to help us achieve our goals.

Eric Sandoval
Innovation Team Leader and GIS Administrator, City of Salinas
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Easily manage dataset schema

Our solution includes an intuitive interface dedicated to managing the schema of your datasets, enabling you to easily edit their structures. You can enter information about dataset fields, drag-and-drop to change field order, and delete or restore fields. By simplifying the management of your dataset structures, you guarantee better governance by maintaining consistent schemas. These higher quality schemas also increase the value and reusability of your datasets.

Combine your datasets to generate actionable and valuable insights

Our solution includes a processor that allows you to quickly combine multiple datasets during the preparation and enrichment phase. You can cross-reference any datasets, whether external or internal, to give them more context and depth. This encourages your teams to push the boundaries of innovation by making more data-centric decisions and offering new services based on actionable and valuable insights.

Easily contextualize your data

Use our reference data packs to complete your datasets with reliable and relevant information. These datasets, chosen for their value and relevance, are carefully prepared, enriched, and updated by our data teams to ensure their reliability. Take advantage of historic versions for a detailed comparison or access the latest versions to benefit from the newest data.

Geographic packs by country
  • Administrative divisions
  • Geographic forms of administrative divisions
  • National addresses, etc.
Business packs
  • Employment and economy
  • Demographics
  • Weather
  • Health


Save time

Immediate availability via the platform’s back office.

Open reuse

Data packs available under open license for easy reuse.

Comprehensive information

Current year and all historical datasets available.


Consolidated data from verified official sources


Compliance with all sectoral and administrative naming conventions


Packs kept up to date through our integrated data pipeline.

This project allowed us to show that we were capable of capturing data, processing it, enriching it, and creating value from it, specifically in the fields of IoT, energy management and industry. The platform gave me the chance to understand the mechanics of generating value from our data, and that's very powerful.

Herveig Lecuyer
Data Factory Program Lead, Schneider Electric
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Source data via the Opendatasoft Data Hub

Get the data you need to create your data experiences from a catalog of over 33,000 open-access public datasets. The Opendatasoft Data Hub is enriched every day with data made available by our customers and reference data collected by our team and provided in new formats.

  • Direct access to the Data Hub from the platform’s back office
  • Enrich your datasets with reference data
  • Datasets always synced with their source
Explore the Data Hub
Learn more about processing & enriching
What is the Opendatasoft Data hub? Product
What is the Opendatasoft Data hub?

The Opendatasoft Data hub is a platform that gathers more than 29,000 open data datasets published by public and private sector organizations. It also hosts more than 600 reference datasets, maintained and updated by our teams.

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Data portals are the heart of effective data sharing programs to democratize data. But what features should you look for in your portal to maximize usage and sharing? Our blog explains why success starts with a focus on the user experience.

Unleashing the full value of your data by enriching it with external data Data intelligence & reporting
Unleashing the full value of your data by enriching it with external data

Enriching your data with external datasets is an essential step to providing complete, high-quality data to users, and helps generate new, value-creating insights. Find out more about the use of external data by our customers to enrich their portals.

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