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Open data & compliance

Data portals to seamlessly share open data with all stakeholders, efficiently meeting regulatory requirements while building trust and demonstrating impact.

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Demonstrate impact and meet open data regulatory imperatives


Your needs

In an interconnected, data-driven world, your organization needs to become more open, sharing information with citizens, consumers, partners and regulators, all while complying with relevant legislation. Open data portals are the foundation of effective and efficient data sharing, centralizing your organizational data and making it available to all stakeholders in relevant formats that meet their specific needs, from raw data to compelling visualizations, ensuring compliance and building trust.

Open your data and meet compliance requirements with Opendatasoft’s data portal solution

Automate data publication to reduce time and cost

Reduce the time required to share your open data with stakeholders by automating publication through your data portal. Proactively publishing data on a regular basis reduces the time you spend answering inbound inquiries, as users can easily find the information they need, without needing to contact you. This increases efficiency, lowers costs and frees up your staff’s time for higher-value activities.

Improve your reputation and build trust through tailored open data portals

Your organizations may need to meet regulatory requirements around open data, or might want to proactively publish key information to demonstrate your progress against goals and better engage with stakeholders. Simplify your compliance programs with a centralized data portal that makes it easy and efficient to collect, publish and share reliable, well-governed data in a single location, while building trust with all your stakeholders through openness and transparency.

Meet quality, governance and interoperability standards

To drive usage and engagement, the data you share must be reliable, high-quality, discoverable and available in the right formats. Your data portal supports your data governance program, standardizing all data assets and ensuring they can be easily found through consistent, descriptive metadata based on international specifications, while providing data in multiple formats, from visualizations to APIs.

UK Power Networks opens data to drive decarbonization and meet regulatory requirements

To accelerate decarbonization and meet regulatory requirements around publishing its data, UK Power Networks (UKPN)’s open data portal shares information with stakeholders including public authorities, energy generators, and property developers.

Our solution

  • Increases the accessibility and interoperability of UKPN’s data through tailored visualizations, dashboards and data stories, built on user needs
  • Encourages reuse through built-in APIs for every dataset, accelerating the design and deployment of new uses
  • Makes it simple to find data through powerful search and filter functionality

The benefits

  • Engages stakeholders and empowers them with the required information and use cases to plan and drive decarbonization efforts
  • Ensures that UKPN not only complies with open data regulatory requirements, but that it goes beyond them
  • Underpins a vibrant ecosystem that works together to achieve net zero

Successfully moving to a Net Zero world heavily depends on open data – ours and that of our ecosystem partners. It has to be interoperable, readily consumable and drive near real-time insight. Through our portal we therefore wanted to break down barriers and build a community of stakeholders around our data.

Matt Webb
CIO, UK Power Networks
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Open data & compliance and Opendatasoft’s key capabilities

Metadata management

Opendatasoft is built on comprehensive, consistent metadata management and automation capabilities. This ensures effective, efficient data governance, enforcing corporate data standards and meeting your regulatory compliance requirements while ensuring that open data is easily discoverable by users on a local, national, and international level

Multi-asset catalog

By centralizing all data assets in a single location, Opendatasoft enables users to quickly search through your complete data catalog, allowing them to seamlessly discover the best data asset in the right format for their needs, whatever their data skills, increasing efficiency, reducing search time and maximizing effectiveness. 

Data lineage

Whether data is shared by download or API, Opendatasoft’s data lineage feature enables you to track its reuse, providing deep insight into how and where your data is being used, allowing you to strengthen relationships, showcase successes and keep people informed of any changes around structure and availability

Tailored data visualizations

The Opendatasoft solution enables you to quickly create maps, dashboards, data stories and more, widening the appeal, impact, and understanding of open data. You can accelerate the process of creating interactive, intuitive data visualizations through the drag and drop  Opendatasoft Studio, or use the powerful code editor feature

Reuse options

Opendatasoft enables you to share data as widely as possibly through a full menu of options and formats to download, share and embed data assets within dashboards, apps, business solutions and web pages. Users can download data in common formats, reuse by API, create visualizations or embed widgets in web pages

Our key partners to help deliver your open data and compliance projects

We collaborate with technical experts to advance your open data and compliance projects. Our partners bring specialized expertise in data integration, metadata management, and compliance, ensuring robust and scalable solutions. Explore the technical depth of our collaborations on our partner page.

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