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Dashboarding & reporting

Data portals to demonstrate performance, monitor activities, and reduce time to insight through interactive, tailored dashboards, visualizations and data stories.

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Reduce time to insight, increase efficiency and improve decision-making

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In a fast-changing world, agility is key. Your organization must be able to effectively monitor performance, make rapid, data-driven decisions, and report quickly and clearly on operational activities, internally and externally. By centralizing data assets and making them easily available to relevant audiences, your data portal rapidly empowers everyone with the information they need to understand performance, monitor activities and make better decisions through compelling, interactive dashboards, tailored visualizations and in-depth data stories.

Create tailored data visualizations, dashboards, and reporting pages with Opendatasoft’s data portal solution


Easily create interactive dashboards to increase efficiency and boost performance

Intuitive, easy to use dashboards that your employees can use without requiring specialist data skills or training empowers them to better understand operational performance, plan effectively and take faster, better-informed decisions. Your data portal should make it simple to create compelling, interactive dashboards and reports, securely sharing them with relevant employees, saving time, improving performance and building a data-centric culture.

Develop reporting pages combining multiple data assets to become a data-centric organization

Use your portal to deliver the full picture to employees, external audiences and customers through reports and data stories that combine multiple data assets in a single page. You can bring together information from inside and outside the organization on a specific topic or theme through your portal, giving context to your activities and communicating effectively on your performance and strategy through data.

Innovate to launch new data services and products

Maximize value from your data by using it to underpin new services and products, creating additional revenue streams and encouraging innovation internally and across partner ecosystems. Use your data portal to power a scalable marketplace of data services for new and existing customers, providing them with self-service access to personalized dashboards that add value and differentiate your business.

Birdz by Veolia opens new revenue streams through Dashboard as a Service offering

A pioneer in smart water solutions, Birdz, a Veolia subsidiary, currently has three million connected devices in operation. It wanted to launch a new dashboard-based monitoring service for its clients to open up new revenues.

Our solution

  • Seamlessly connects to all data sources and enriches Birdz data with publicly available information to add context
  • Enables the rapid creation of secure, interactive monitoring dashboards, tailored to individual customer needs
  • Minimizes administration by offering multiple workspaces and advanced permission management to aid secure sharing

The benefits

  • Reduced the time and technical skills required to create and launch new dashboards
  • Built a completely new, services-based revenue stream for the company, differentiating from competitors
  • Provided a flexible platform that scales to manage growing data volumes of near real-time data and increasing customer numbers

The Opendatasoft solution has allowed us to significantly reduce the time to create our Dashboard as a Service offerings and to industrialize them to meet the growing demands of our customers. It is now a source of revenue in its own right for which we have precise monitoring KPIs.

Guillaume Fabre
Head of Data & Digital Apps, Veolia
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Dashboarding & Reporting with Opendatasoft’s key capabilities

Tech stack integration

The Opendatasoft data portal solution seamlessly connects to your entire tech stack, including internal solutions and a wide range of cloud providers, in order to store, catalog, and share all your data assets through a powerful, intuitive, central and comprehensive data marketplace  for all users

Tailored data visualizations

The Opendatasoft solution enables you to quickly create maps, dashboards, data stories and more, widening the appeal, impact, and understanding of open data. You can accelerate the process of creating interactive, intuitive data visualizations through the drag and drop  Opendatasoft Studio, or use the powerful code editor feature

Manage access and user rights

Ensure security and enforce access rights through Opendatasoft’s tailored access and user management capabilities. This restricts access to more sensitive data assets to authorized users, ensuring confidentiality and compliance, while enabling users to apply for and be granted access through clear workflows

Enrich and improve data

Through access to our comprehensive Data Hub you can easily enrich and cross-reference your data assets with information from leading external and public sources, ensuring you display a complete, informed picture through your dashboards and reports, deepening their value and increasing user confidence

Our key partners to help deliver your dashboarding and reporting projects

We collaborate with technical experts to advance your data portal projects. Our partners bring specialized expertise in data integration, metadata management, and compliance, ensuring robust and scalable solutions. Explore the technical depth of our collaborations on our partner page.

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