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Metadata management

Our data portal solution optimizes governance and data interoperability through advanced and easy to use metadata management features.

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Improve data discoverability with comprehensive and customized metadata

Create a dedicated and customizable section on your portal to display the metadata of all your data assets, providing context and clarity to users and data consumers. Include all relevant metadata, such as license type, asset owner, and publication and modification dates. Transform this information into filters to allow users to refine their search based on the context and data they are looking for, directly in your catalog.

Simple and quick metadata management

Identify incomplete metadata

See at a glance all your datasets that are missing metadata around licenses, theme or producer, and quickly complete any required information.

Metadata auto-fill

Benefit from an intuitive auto-fill feature with tailored suggestions

Configure templates and ensure completion

Portal administrators can make adding certain metadata mandatory to avoid missing fields.

Customize catalog filters

Transform any metadata into a filter within your catalog to make searches easier and faster for your users.

Save time with metadata templates

Opendatasoft’s metadata templates stand out for their intuitive interfaces and clear instructions, encouraging rapid adoption and making correct and systematic metadata completion easy. Straightforward guidelines simplify the entry process with assistance pop-ups for each field.

Metadata models tailored to your needs

Standard metadata

Contextualize your datasets with generic and geographic information as well as customized information in formats adapted to your organization’s needs.

Interoperability metadata

Add metadata to comply with different international standards (DCAT, DCAT-AP, Inspire or Dublin Core) to guarantee the interoperability of your datasets

Administrative metadata

Visible only to portal administrators, this metadata ensures good internal governance of your data.

Reuse Licenses

Associate a license with your dataset in a single click, choosing from 3 standardized licenses pre-registered in the platform: CC BY-SA, Open Database License (ODbL) and Open License (Etalab).

Automate metadata management across your data management tools

Deploy our Automation API to automate metadata management at scale, ensuring consistently reliable and up-to-date information. Every modification to a metadata element is immediately shared across the tech stack.

Effective data governance with our metadata management features

Enhance data discoverability and searchability

Ensure internal, regulatory, or sectoral compliance for each dataset

Streamline administration by facilitating metadata completion.

Facilitate data integration and interoperability with other data ecosystems

Thanks to Opendatasoft's metadata management feature, we have implemented a custom data model that allows us to efficiently manage our specific metadata, such as time periods, confidentiality level, and the names of data owners or data stewards. This optimizes the operational management of our platforms, simplifies data updates, and provides us with true autonomy, saving us valuable time. Additionally, configuring the models is simple and intuitive, especially with the ability to make certain fields mandatory in the model to avoid entry errors.

Lucas Smet
Open Data Project Lead, Infrabel
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The complete guide to metadata management Ebook
The complete guide to metadata management

Well-structured metadata is crucial to enabling data to be found and used with confidence within organizations and ecosystems. It is central to effective data sharing and reuse. At Opendatasoft our mission is to accelerate data democratization, ensuring that everyone has access to easily understandable information in their working and home lives. Our data portal solution enables data democratization by centralizing all of an organization’s data assets and making it available to all internal and external users in a seamless, intuitive way, without requiring specialist skills or support.

Metadata management: increase efficiency with Opendatasoft’s customized templates Product
Metadata management: increase efficiency with Opendatasoft’s customized templates

Learn more about the metadata templates available on our data portal solution and how they help to improve data quality and compliance, increase efficiency and save time on a daily basis.

What is metadata and why is it as important as the data itself? Data intelligence & reporting
What is metadata and why is it as important as the data itself?

Understanding the importance of metadata and putting the right strategy in place is vital to effective data sharing and reuse via data portals to progress towards data democratization. Our comprehensive blog explains what metadata is, outlines its benefits and shares best practice for your strategy.

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