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User & access management

Our data portal solution provides advanced features to maintain control over user rights and access, ensuring complete oversight of the access and use of your data assets.

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Manage the access rights of portal users

With Opendatasoft, data portal administrators can easily manage user access rights and permissions at a granular level. Thanks to an intuitive management interface, they benefit from a complete overview of users, user groups and access permissions that have been granted.

Access datasets

Add data

Publish data

Edit data

Create user groups with associated permissions

Create user groups and assign specific permissions

Temporarily invite users and set access period length

Select your users in bulk, simultaneously modify their groups or access

Precisely limit which fields in a dataset can be seen by each user and group

Manage all access requests from a dedicated interface

Access your administrator area to see a complete record of all access requests for your portal or data assets. Improve portal management while ensuring effective governance.

Synchronize your Opendatasoft groups with your corporate directory

Organizations using Single-Sign-On (SSO) can synchronize user permissions with attributes from their corporate directory. This reduces the time it takes to manually configure users on your data portal.

The Opendatasoft tool is easy to use and meets the needs of administrators, contributors and users. The platform is very flexible in terms of configuration and accessibility. This was an essential criterion for us because, in order to create truly relevant uses, we didn’t want the data to just be in the hands of experts.

Mireille Rill
Data and Project Mission Lead, Aix Marseille Provence
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Control access to your data and protect sensitive information

Save time by applying organizational security rules, especially concerning the protection of sensitive information, to your data portal to control access.

  • Administer editing, publication and viewing rights at the level of each dataset
  • Make your catalog private or public in just a few clicks
  • Configure API call quotas for all anonymous users on your portal
  • View and grant custom access to data assets

Collaborate with the users you choose with complete security

Single sign-on with SAML and OpenID Connect

Allow all employees, your customers and your partners to connect to the platform with their business email address.

Creation of specific workspaces based on user rights and needs

Organize multiple work or experimentation spaces for your teams, and quickly publish and share pages, catalogs and datasets based on their specific requirements.

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