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Our data portal solution enables you to effortlessly industrialize internal and external data sharing through a range of export formats and channels.

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Encourage large-scale data reuse with our Explore API

Industrialize the creation of new products and services powered by your data with our Explore API. The Opendatasoft solution automatically generates a structured API for each dataset on your portal, complete with an exploration console and reference documentation. Through our API exploration console, you can access all or part of your data without requiring advanced technical skills.

Granular data search

Explore and analyze your data at the dataset or catalog level. Perform specific field queries, filter records, combine and analyze them, before organizing the results to fit your specific needs.

Unlimited export formats

Export your data assets in a variety of file formats, from standard JSON to Parquet, as well as CSV, XLSX, GeoJSON, Shapefile, and many more.

Easy and accessible for everyone

Enable non-technical users to perform API queries in just a few clicks at a dataset level simply by selecting filters or filling in parameters within the API console.

We use the Opendatasoft Explore API to share our open data with partners and across multiple channels from a single point. For example, our data is distributed and showcased on multiple sites, all of which are powered by our Opendatasoft portal via the Explore API. Additionally, the ability to quickly configure filters via the Explore API allows us to rapidly provide each partner with a customized endpoint tailored to their needs.

Olivier Guillon
Data Quality Manager, Pays de la Loire Region

Export data in the right formats for your, and your users’ needs

Standardize your data so it can be immediately used in third-party software and business applications, such as your IT and GIS systems. Every dataset generates downloadable file exports in multiple, interoperable formats: CSV, Excel, JSON, GeoJSON, Shapefile, Parquet, and KML.

Integrate your data visualizations on your websites and apps

Integrate your data visualizations anywhere on the web with a simple copy-paste, thanks to automatically generated iFrame links and widgets. If data is changed at the source, any linked visualizations are automatically updated.

Share the URLs of your data visualizations

Each dataset visualization has its own URL, allowing you to:

  • Share with your entire community on social media using the Facebook, X, and LinkedIn buttons.
  • Directly send your data visualizations to chosen recipients via any messaging platform.
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