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Data marketplace

Data portals to provide seamless access to all or part of your data assets through an intuitive self-service marketplace experience across your organization and your ecosystem.

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Provide self-service access to your data assets and become a data-centric organization

Your needs

To turn your data into business value you need to make it available to everyone across the organization and beyond, enabling them to find, access and use it seamlessly and confidently during their working lives. You can deliver this through centralized, self-service data marketplaces, powered by data portals, connecting the right data assets with the right users in the right format, through an intuitive e-commerce style experience that aids data discovery, increases efficiency, deepens collaboration, and accelerates data use across your organization and your wider ecosystem.

Quickly create your data marketplace with Opendatasoft’s data portal solution

Improve productivity and reduce costs with a centralized space for your data

Create a single, accessible, secure and intuitive marketplace for all or part of your data assets, making them easily available, discoverable, and reusable by all your relevant employees. By centralizing data and delivering it in the right formats to meet every need you will increase employee productivity, reduce data management costs and help build an agile, data-centric organization where data powers efficiency and effectiveness.

Improve decision-making throughout your organization

Empower your employees with the complete, reliable and high-quality data they need to drive more effective daily and strategic decision-making at all levels, through a unified portal that brings together all data assets. Deliver a single source of truth throughout your organization, with data made available in understandable, usable and tailored formats to meet every requirement, transforming your performance. 


Create engaging marketplaces and monetize your data

Extend your data marketplace to partners and customers, creating innovative data-driven services and products that open up new revenue streams, differentiate your business and strengthen ecosystems, maximizing value from your data assets. Ensure quality, build confidence, manage monetization and efficiently scale usage through your data portal, building data-centric business models that boost your bottom line and increase collaboration.

Schneider Electric optimizes data sharing and increases efficiency and innovation

Technology company Schneider Electric is focused on harnessing data to help its customers and partners drive greater energy efficiency and sustainability. To enable this it has launched Exchange, a partner data services marketplace.

Our solution

  • Brings together a wide variety of resources, including datasets, APIs, and analytics in a single marketplace
  • Allows intuitive access to digital tools and know-how to enable partners to maximize reuse
  • Offers a powerful collaborative cloud platform for sharing ideas and concepts between ecosystem partners

The benefits

  • Built a vibrant marketplace, with over 540 users from 200 companies regularly interacting on Exchange
  • Enables Schneider Electric to easily work with its ecosystem to create value and spread energy efficiency ideas and best practice
  • Differentiates the company and increases collaboration and innovation by creating and launching new, data-driven services.

This project allowed us to show that we were capable of capturing data, processing it, enriching it, and creating value from it, especially in the fields of IoT, energy management and industry. The platform provides the ability to understand the mechanics of generating value from our data, and that's very powerful.

Hervé Lecuyer
Data Factory Program Lead, Schneider Electric
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Data Marketplace and Opendatasoft’s key capabilities

Tech stack integration

The Opendatasoft data portal solution seamlessly connects to your entire tech stack, including internal solutions and a wide range of cloud providers, in order to store, catalog, and share all your data assets through a powerful, intuitive, central and comprehensive data marketplace  for all users.

Manage access and user rights

Ensure security and enforce access rights through Opendatasoft’s tailored access and user management capabilities. This restricts access to more sensitive data assets to authorized users, ensuring confidentiality and compliance, while enabling users to apply for and be granted access through clear workflows.

Interactive dashboards

The Opendatasoft data portal solution makes it easy to rapidly create tailored, interactive dashboards to meet the needs of all users, empowering employees and ensuring that your data becomes a tool for better decision-making, enhanced reporting, greater innovation and the launch of new revenue-generating services

Data asset catalog

By centralizing all data assets in a single location, Opendatasoft enables users to quickly search through your complete data catalog, allowing them to seamlessly discover the best data asset in the right format for their needs, whatever their data skills, increasing efficiency, reducing search time and maximizing effectiveness

Reuse options

Opendatasoft increases reuse by offering a full menu of options and formats to download, share and embed data assets within dashboards, apps, business solutions and web pages. Your users can download data in common formats, reuse by API, create visualizations or embed widgets in web pages

Our key partners to help deliver your data marketplace projects

We collaborate with technical experts to advance your data marketplace projects. Our partners bring specialized expertise in data integration, metadata management, and compliance, ensuring robust and scalable solutions. Explore the technical depth of our collaborations on our partner page.

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