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Data portals: A driver for transformation in the Energy & Utilities sector

The energy and utilities sector manages large-scale networks and infrastructures that generate enormous, growing volumes of business, network and sensor data, every second of every day. Sharing this data across the organization with all employees and externally is vital for multiple reasons. It enables utilities to digitize, increase operational efficiency and improve decision-making to meet the challenges of the energy transition and decarbonization. Data sharing with partners and customers accelerates collaboration and innovation across ecosystems, generating new services and ensuring competitiveness. Sharing builds trust with consumers and regulators, delivering transparency and efficiently complying with open data legislation through seamless communication with all stakeholders.

The benefits of data portals

Improve efficiency and decision-making

by sharing the right data, in the right format and at the right time, across your organization and beyond

Meet changing regulatory requirements

and increase transparency by opening and sharing your data, making it available to audiences in understandable ways, ensuring compliance best practice

Save time and decrease costs

through seamless, rapid data sharing that reduces time to insight and lowers expenditure  for your employees and partners

Enhance ecosystem collaboration

by sharing your data with existing and new partners, including local authorities, developers and researchers in accessible, understandable ways

Drive decarbonization and underpin the energy transition

through data-driven innovation, delivered via internal collaboration and by sharing across your ecosystems, including with startups and researchers

Improve customer-centricity through new services

built on innovative uses of data to meet changing customer needs, strengthening trust and increasing loyalty and engagement

Realize all your use cases with a data portal

Internal Data Portal

Bring together all your organization’s data assets through your internal data portal and make it discoverable and available to all employees, enabling them to use it seamlessly during their daily working lives, without requiring technical support or training.

  • Create interactive dashboards and maps to centralize all your IoT sensor data, delivering a clear vision of your assets to improve maintenance and minimize risk
  • Centralize your customer data and queries to process them more efficiently, develop attractive services, and improve the customer experience
  • Develop data-driven services tailored to your employees’ roles to enable them to work more efficiently

Ecosystem Data Portal

Strengthen and accelerate collaboration through your ecosystem data portal, making information available to all stakeholders in ways tailored to their specific needs. Work together to achieve net zero with new and traditional partners, providing a forum for communication, collaboration and innovation.

  • Create secure spaces to share your and your partners’ data and build collaborative plans to achieve your shared net zero goals
  • Provide your data securely to local authorities and organizations to better manage infrastructure and services
  • Make your data available through APIs to power partner applications and services

Open Data Portal

Boost transparency and engage all of your stakeholders through your comprehensive, accessible open data portal. Go beyond regulatory compliance requirements by providing in-depth, understandable information that explains your strategy, monitors ongoing performance, and builds a community:

  • Create interactive dashboards and visualizations to keep the public informed about the status of your infrastructure and any planned or unplanned outages
  • Communicate your targets and transformation plans for achieving Net Zero, better engaging stakeholders
  • Enhance services for customers by integrating real-time data and interactive forms to encourage greater communication

UK Power Networks accelerates collaboration through data sharing

To accelerate decarbonization across its ecosystem, UK Power Networks (UKPN) delivers an optimized, personalized experience via its data portal to different stakeholders, such as public authorities, energy generators, and property developers.

Our solution

  • Increases the accessibility and interoperability of UKPN’s data through tailored visualizations, dashboards and data stories, built on user needs
  • Encourages reuse through built-in APIs for every dataset, accelerating the design and deployment of new uses
  • Makes it simple to find data through powerful search and filter functionality

The benefits

  • Engages stakeholders and empowers them with the required information and use cases to plan and drive decarbonization efforts
  • Optimizes current network operations, increasing efficiency while meeting changing energy needs
  • Underpins a vibrant ecosystem that works together to achieve net zero

Successfully moving to a Net Zero world heavily depends on open data – ours and that of our ecosystem partners. It has to be interoperable, readily consumable and drive near real-time insight. Through our portal we therefore wanted to break down barriers and build a community of stakeholders around our data.

Matt Webb
CIO, UK Power Networks
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The Key Capabilities of a Data Portal

Opendatasoft’s data portal solution enables data leaders and organizations from the energy and utilities sector to quickly create a one-stop shop for the rapid discovery and use of their data assets at scale, internally and externally.

Seamlessly connect to all your internal and external data sources

through over  80 connectors for easy integration with your data tools and business applications.

Ensure data quality

control through more than 50 processors that automate common tasks such as formatting fields, correcting errors and standardizing formats.

Enable data preparation and enrichment

through Opendatasoft’s Data hub, providing free access to over 30,000 public datasets, available to combine with your own datasets.

Create compelling data visualizations and interactive dashboards

in just a few clicks through our no-code studio or via our advanced mode for more complex visualizations.

Securely share data assets

through a range of download and reuse options including APIs, allowing users to easily create their own uses from your data.

Better understand how your data is being used

internally and externally, across your ecosystems through in-built data lineage capabilities, while improving data portal management efficiency.

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Ebook: Driving utility sector transformation with new data experiences

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