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Portal automation

Our data portal solution is designed to automate and streamline administration and deliver comprehensive interoperability with all of your data management tools.

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Ensure project success with automated and secure management of your data portal

Our Automation API allows complete automation of portal management tasks, while guaranteeing complete interoperability with all your data management tools. Your data portal is therefore always up to date and the information shared is reliable and trustworthy.

Configure your tasks and let our API do the rest!

You only need to configure the tasks to be completed once, for example via a script, in order to optimize updating and guarantee data integrity on your Opendatasoft portal.


Reduce the need for manual work thanks to large-scale automation of more than 150 common tasks.


Benefit from smooth, direct communication between the Automation API and your other governance and data management tools.


Data is updated in real-time, immediately reflecting the impact of changes made in other tools while adhering to the latest security protocols.


Deploy projects at scale and reduce the load on your team through the automation of a range of tasks.

Scale up your data democratization projects with the Automation API

Automate portal management to increase productivity

The Automation API allows you to automate more than 150 actions on the platform. Automate the management of part or all of your data flows to save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Metadata management

Data publication

Data updates

Granting permissions to users

Synchronization between data workspaces

Creating and managing pages

Connect all your data management tools to your data portal

The Automation API allows you to create tailor-made integrations with all your data management tools, maximizing impact and seamlessly updating your large-scale data projects. Ensure smooth, rapid and automated integration of your portal into your tech stack, benefiting from unified governance across all your tools.

The Automation API has become an important tool for managing our portal. It allows us to save time which can be spent on more important tasks, reduces mistakes by automating manual work, and lets us effortlessly edit multiple datasets and delegate specific publication steps to our data providers. This saves us considerable time and significantly reduces errors.

Félix Lorenz
Specialist for Open Government Data, Kanton Thurgau
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Deploy large-scale data projects with API Automation Product
Deploy large-scale data projects with API Automation

To learn about the API’s technical capabilities and the benefits it provides to data portal administrators and the wider organization, we interviewed Coralie Lohéac, Lead Product Manager, and Hugo Bost, Software Engineer, part of the team overseeing the project's development.

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