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Intelligent search through AI

Our data portal solution accelerates the discoverability and reuse of your data through a semantic search experience powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Create a powerful search journey on your data portal

Replicate the search experience of an e-commerce site

Integrate a natural language search engine into your pages or menu. Go beyond simple keyword matches by understanding the meaning of queries, replicating the product search experience of an e-commerce site. Your users will find what they are looking for faster, even when queries are imprecise, incomplete or in a different language.

Make your data easier to discover with real-time suggestions of results

Give users the ability to choose between multiple, real-time, ranked result suggestions, while providing them with an overview of the data assets available on your portal without having to repeat searches.

Natural language search

Contextualized search

Multilingual search

Add custom filters

Guided search with suggestions

Real-time data asset recommendations

Improve data discoverability with personalized recommendations

The Opendatasoft solution allows you to provide links to related data assets through the ‘Information’ tab of your datasets, encouraging the discovery and use of other relevant data assets. Display up to 4 similar datasets for each data asset, encouraging your users to further browse your portal.

The AI-powered search engine makes it much easier to access and discover data. It suggests relevant data even when approximate keywords are entered, reducing the risk of missing out on the data users are actually searching for. It also enriches the user experience by highlighting data that is interesting but wasn’t directly searched for, creating serendipitous results. It also has a major impact on the quality of our metadata, ensuring we focus even more on its quality and completeness.

Camille Liegeois
Head of Open Data & Digital City Projects, Issy les Moulineaux

Demonstrate the relevance of search results

Thanks to fast and efficient search, users of your portal receive relevant results while minimizing their effort and reducing the number of interactions they have to make. This avoids them wasting valuable time manually locating data.

Build loyalty among your data consumers and promote adoption

Search is at the heart of a successful experience on a data marketplace or data portal. By improving the discovery of data assets on your portal, regardless of its size, you streamline the experience and reduce the time users spend searching for data, building loyalty and encouraging increased portal usage.

Make it easy to add data assets to your portal

Make it easy for data producers to add data assets to your portal by simplifying the metadata process and removing the need to create exhaustive keyword lists.

Offer interactive tools to encourage data exploration

Users can harness AI to explore all the data on your portal. By asking a virtual assistant questions in natural language, they instantly receive answers delivered through a range of visualization formats, such as maps, numbers or graphs, and can download them with a single click for easy reuse.

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Product News: AI enables intelligent semantic search and accelerates the use of large-scale data Product
Product News: AI enables intelligent semantic search and accelerates the use of large-scale data

Opendatasoft is launching a new AI-based feature: semantic search. This is based on a vector model for easier, enriched discovery of an organization's data assets on a data portal. To find out more, we interviewed Emmanuel Daubricourt, VP Product at Opendatasoft.

How AI is transforming our data portal solution and client data projects Product
How AI is transforming our data portal solution and client data projects

Over the past months Opendatasoft has been working to transform its data portal solution by enriching it with AI, helping clients to save time, improve the experience for their users, and reduce the risk of errors within processes.

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