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Improve public policies and increase efficiency through data sharing


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Through better use of data digitization provides the opportunity to transform government at all levels, modernizing your operations and becoming customer-centric. Your data portal underpins this digital transformation, ensuring that your data assets effectively flow throughout your organization and beyond. This improves your efficiency, better use of resources, enables more timely and effective decision-making, and drives a greater focus on collaboration, innovation and the needs of citizens, all while increasing your openness, transparency and accountability around organizational performance.

Build trust and accountability with Opendatasoft’s data portal solution


Modernize and promote better decision-making through data

To meet changing needs, you must modernize, digitize, and improve the performance of your government organization. Use your data portal to empower your employees with the information they need to operate more effectively, evaluate progress against targets, demonstrate accountability, and improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making, all contributing to better, more efficient services for citizens and enabling successful modernization of government at all levels.

Reduce labor costs with a self-service data portal

Answering Freedom of Information or other queries from citizens and businesses takes a large amount of your staff’s time, particularly if employees have to manually search to find relevant data. Centralized self-service data portals empower citizens to quickly find answers to their own questions, avoiding the need for them to make contact with you at all, dramatically reducing your labor costs.

Encourage collaboration and innovation

Citizens and businesses have changing needs – they want new, joined-up and more digital services from your government agency. Delivering these innovations requires you to collaborate more closely across government and the private sector to tap into wider experience and skills. Data portals provide the backbone for your collaboration and innovation by seamlessly sharing data internally and externally, empowering the creation of new customer-centric services.

Engage citizens and build trust

Trust in government and elected officials is falling across the globe. Use your data portal to rebuild trust by providing reliable, up-to-date information on your performance, policies and operations, in understandable, accessible ways, such as through visualizations and dashboards. This enables citizens to hold your organization to account, revitalizing communication, increasing engagement, and demonstrating transparency.

North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management increases transparency and supports decision-making with LINC data portal

The North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) works collaboratively with agencies and departments across the state to bring together their data and make it easily available internally and externally, sharing via its LINC data portal.

Our solution

  • Scales to cover the variety and volume of data that OSBM collects, with datasets going back to 1969
  • Automates connections to a wide variety of systems to integrate data, including from the U.S. Census
  • Delivers an intuitive experience to different groups of users, from policymakers to school children working on class projects

The benefits

  • Builds transparency by delivering data in relevant formats such as visualizations and downloads
  • Increases efficiency through straightforward portal management, saving staff time by reducing administration
  • Enables better, data-driven decision-making by government employees and policymakers

As a state government we want to demonstrate that we are responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars and are operating efficiently. Good data drives smart decisions, and that’s what LINC provides. Working together with Opendatasoft has driven the project forward, helping us realize our vision for open data in North Carolina.

Bob Coats
Governor’s Census Liaison,The North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM)
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Open government & transparency and Opendatasoft’s key capabilities

Multiple workspaces

The Opendatasoft solution enables you to create specific workspaces for different groups, users or themes, allowing you to share relevant information securely and seamlessly. As all workspaces are managed from the same Opendatasoft solution, administration is minimized while providing a complete view across all your workspaces

Multi-asset catalog

By centralizing all data assets in a single location, Opendatasoft enables users to quickly search through your complete data catalog, allowing them to seamlessly discover the best data asset in the right format for their needs, whatever their data skills, increasing efficiency, reducing search time and maximizing effectiveness

Automate data collection and publication

You can automatically collect and publish new data, from legal notices to daily updates, across websites and workspaces through the Opendatasoft data collection form feature. Ensure that displayed data is always up to date, improving the experience while reducing administration and saving valuable time

Our key partners to help deliver your your open government and transparency projects

We collaborate with technical experts to advance your open government and transparency projects. Our partners bring specialized expertise in data integration, metadata management, and compliance, ensuring robust and scalable solutions. Explore the technical depth of our collaborations on our partner page.

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