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Smart cities & internet of things (IoT)

Data portals to underpin successful, customer-centric smart cities by collecting and seamlessly sharing business and IoT data with all stakeholders.


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Build and scale effective, innovative smart cities of all sizes

Your needs

To meet the changing needs of their communities and overcome key challenges, your city or municipality must become smarter and more effective, deploying technology and sharing data to transform your operations. Your data portal will accelerate and underpin this switch, enabling the seamless collection, centralization and sharing of data assets, from business systems and Internet of Things (IoT) networks, aiding digitization, increasing your efficiency, enabling innovative new services, and driving closer collaboration with partners.

Scaling smart city programs with Opendatasoft’s data portal solution

Deliver transformative services to the community

Data powers smart cities, from connected mobility and energy management to air and congestion monitoring. Your data portal provides a central space to collect, combine, share and visualize all of your diverse data assets through self-service and APIs, scaling your projects, increasing collaboration and underpinning transformative services, improving engagement, driving usage and enabling innovative new applications that improve your citizens’ daily lives.

Connect and better manage your Internet of Things services

Your Internet of Things applications, such as air, water, traffic, and energy monitoring all produce enormous volumes of real-time data. Use your data portal to centralize, process and improve IoT data, making it understandable through visualizations, dashboards, and alerts that enrich and combine data assets to deliver meaningful insights for your community, helping drive innovation, better manage risk and increase transparency.

Increase efficiency through smarter collaboration

Digitizing your smart city services generates data and enables you to remove manual processes and increase internal and external collaboration. Use your data portal to centralize and share data, driving a more efficient, flexible and agile city that reduces administrative time and cost, while providing the foundation for collaboration and innovation across your wider local ecosystem with partners, government bodies, citizens and the private sector.


Town of Morrisville becomes a data-driven, cost-effective smart city

While a relatively small municipality, the Town of Morrisville in North Carolina is committed to embracing smart technology and data to deliver enhanced services through its Smart Morrisville program.

Our solution

  • Provides a single platform to collect and publish data from across smart city programs, as well as municipal operations
  • Underpins new innovations, including the Morrisville Central app
  • Streamlines data management, such as through the automated processing of incoming data, enabling the entire project to be managed by a small team

The benefits

  • Saves time for residents by making it easy to access information, without needing to make contact with the municipality. Over 1,800 people have now accessed the portal
  • Increases efficiency by automating previously manual processes, such as checking on trash can levels, freeing up staff time
  • Enables award-winning innovation, such as its IoT-based Connected Parks monitoring initiative

We want to use technology to enhance the lives of our citizens and the performance of our staff. That means becoming a data-driven, community-focused town. Data will drive everything in the future, so we want to make it available for everyone to use.

Billy Whitehead
Smart City Program Manager, Morrisville
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 Smart cities & IoT and Opendatasoft’s key capabilities

Multi-asset portal

By centralizing all data assets, including datasets, dashboards, maps, and visualizations in a single location, Opendatasoft enables portal visitors to quickly search through your entire data catalog, allowing them to seamlessly discover the best data asset in the right format for their needs, increasing engagement with smart city initiatives

Intuitive user experience

Thanks to its clear design and features modeled on successful e-commerce sites, the Opendatasoft solution improves the experience for all your users, whether citizens, businesses or partners. It enables everyone to easily find, visualize and share data, whatever their level of technical skill, increasing adoption and usage

Data lineage

Whether data is shared by download or API, Opendatasoft’s data lineage feature enables you to track its reuse, providing deep insight into how and where your data is being used, allowing you to strengthen relationships, showcase successes and keep people informed of any changes around structure and availability

Tailored data visualizations

The Opendatasoft platform enables you to quickly create maps, dashboards, data stories and more, widening the appeal, impact, and understanding of open data. You can accelerate the process of creating interactive, intuitive data visualizations through the drag and drop  Opendatasoft Studio, or use the powerful code editor feature

Data collection form

You can automatically collect data (such as postcodes or dates) through tailored forms that you can edit, customize and share in just a few minutes. Designed for all types of users, these mobile friendly forms automate the collection and updating of data, reducing administration and saving valuable time

Our key partners to help deliver your smart sity and IoT projects

We collaborate with technical experts to advance your smart city and IoT projects. Our experts provide advanced technical solutions and specialized knowledge to support your initiatives. Discover the full potential of our collaborations on our partner page. Together, we innovate for smarter cities.

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