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Data portals: A driver for transformation in banking & insurance

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Data is at the heart of the operations and business models of banks and insurance companies. It acts as a valuable resource for making better decisions, increasing efficiency, and adapting to a changing economic and societal landscape while meeting emerging consumer needs. Democratizing access to data for employees, business partners, and customers through a data portal allows financial services companies to improve operational efficiency, increase collaboration, boost efficiency, and offer innovative products and services, all while complying with regulations.

The benefits of data portals

Increase efficiency

through digitalization and faster access to the right data, empowering employees to become more productive, proactive, and collaborative in their daily working lives

Save time and decrease costs,

reducing time to insight by removing data silos, lowering expenditure, while increasing collaboration and openness and building a data-centric culture

Deliver more innovative products,

out-competing rivals by launching new data-driven services that meet the changing needs of increasingly digital customers, boosting revenues and profitability

Enhance customer service

by securely centralizing and sharing data both internally and with consumers to support a better, more informed customer experience

Increase transparency and trust

with customers, shareholders and regulators by showing progress against Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) goals and demonstrating ethical behavior across all operations

Manage risk

and make better informed decisions through access to intuitive, interactive data-driven dashboards and visualizations, providing understandable, real-time reporting on activities within the business

Realize all your use cases with a data portal

Internal Data Portal

Centralize all of your data assets, breaking down departmental silos and enabling seamless sharing through your internal data portal, ensuring that all employees can confidently discover, use and benefit from data, without requiring training or support.

  • Track your performance in real-time with interactive and intuitive dashboards on your key KPIs
  • Create visualizations and dashboards around payments and risk forecasts, cross-referencing your data with internal and external sources to enrich your analyses and then sharing with employees
  • Simplify, unify, and structure your internal data in a variety of formats to make it accessible and reusable by all employees

Ecosystem Data Portal

Develop new and existing relationships with startups, partners, and regulators through your ecosystem data portal, driving transparency, innovation and collaboration by sharing data through visualizations, dashboards, APIs and tables. Deliver data-driven services to meet the changing needs of your ecosystem, enabling you to benefit from new opportunities.

  • Develop monetizable services and dashboards by aggregating data on your customers’ banking habits to create new and innovative uses
  • Provide your data in interactive, standards-compliant formats to demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Provide your partners with restricted access to specific data, enabling them to develop new offerings, generate new revenue streams, and boost your competitiveness

Open Data Portal

Strengthen relationships with the wider public and stakeholders by increasing transparency around your performance, objectives and progress against goals through your in-depth open data portal. Demonstrate openness and build trust, safeguarding your reputation now and in the future.

  • Communicate on your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) activities through intuitive and interactive data stories and dashboards
  • Launch new data-centric services and products that add value to your customers lives
  • Provide more transparent communication and easier access to key information, such as the location of your branches or available job vacancies

Groupe BPCE drives innovation

The second-largest banking group in France, Groupe BPCE began to open its data in 2017, aiming to improve the customer experience, create a data culture and stay ahead of regulations.

Our solution

  • Provides a range of data visualization options, enabling data to be presented via tables, graphs, and interactive maps as well as shared through APIs and widgets.
  • Enables real-time sharing and reduces administration through automatic updates.
  • Delivers an easy-to-use, intuitive management interface, reducing administration and supporting data governance.

The benefits

  • Increases innovation and collaboration with existing and new partners, building an ecosystem that benefits from open data sharing
  • Improves internal efficiency and creates new use cases for data, driving digitalization and maximizing value from data

In the years to come, we will all have a role to play in making data widely available and improving people's lives, in all areas. We cannot live in a world in which data is omnipresent without training, explaining, or ensuring that end consumers and company employees understand the challenges of data. People had their doubts about opening up data in the banking sector. But we did it, and now we have the perspective to see that our approach is working very well.

Yves Tyrode
Chief Executive Officer in charge of Innovation, Data, Digital and Payments - Groupe BPCE & President - Oney Bank

The Key Capabilities of a Data Portal

Opendatasoft’s data portal solution enables data leaders and organizations from the banking and insurance sector to quickly create a one-stop shop for the rapid discovery and use of their data assets at scale, internally and externally.

Seamlessly connect to all your internal and external data sources

through over 80 connectors for easy integration with your data tools and business applications.

Ensure data quality

control through more than 50 processors that automate common tasks such as formatting fields, correcting errors and standardizing formats.

Enable data preparation and enrichment

through Opendatasoft’s Data hub, providing free access to over 30,000 public datasets, available to combine with your own datasets.

Create compelling data visualizations and interactive dashboards

in just a few clicks through our no-code studio or via our advanced mode for more complex visualizations.

Securely share data assets

through a range of download and reuse options including APIs, allowing users to easily create their own uses from your data.

Better understand how your data is being used

internally and externally, across your ecosystems through in-built data lineage capabilities, while improving data portal management efficiency.

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Data Portal: The essential solution to maximize impact for data leaders Ebook
Data Portal: The essential solution to maximize impact for data leaders

All organizations understand the vital importance of data to success. In a world full of data, easy and rapid access to the right datasets, in the right format, at the right time is crucial to decision-making, efficiency, collaboration, innovation and transparency. It decreases costs, builds new revenue streams, and mitigates risk. This ebook provides a comprehensive introduction to data portals at both a strategic and tactical level. It aims to help you embrace data democratization and unlock the value of your data.

BPCE Group shares its data for an optimized banking experience Success story
BPCE Group shares its data for an optimized banking experience

BPCE Group needed a tool to optimize its customers’ banking experience and enable it to pursue the following objectives: Adopt a data culture across its business units Engage with the dynamic French open data ecosystem Stay ahead of regulations around open data In March 2017, BPCE Group became the first French banking organization to make its public data accessible. Learn more about this initiative in our customer story!

Transforming banking operations with data portals Banking & Insurance
Transforming banking operations with data portals

Embracing data at scale enables banks to digitize their operations and improve efficiency, increase productivity, better manage risk and meet regulatory compliance needs. We explain how data portals are central to effective data sharing across banks and their operations.

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