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Data portals: A driver for transformation in Central Government

Your need

Central government and public institutions need to break down silos and reduce administrative complexity, digitizing their activities and launching citizen-centric services. Sharing relevant data with employees, citizens, other institutions and businesses helps transform operations, increasing transparency and making it easy to measure and evaluate public policies and performance. Data portals enable the creation of internal or ecosystem data spaces that increase employee efficiency and productivity, help develop innovative digital services for economic development, and guarantee transparency to restore trust with citizens.

The benefits of data portals

Improve efficiency

and boost productivity by making data central to all processes, maximizing resources and budgets and enabling better informed decision-making

Demonstrate progress on public policies

by effectively monitoring and communicating plans and objectives, explaining activities and enabling full accountability to the public and other stakeholders

Increase transparency

and enrich information for the public by sharing data in multiple formats, including visualizations, APIs and as raw data for research and analysis

Boost collaboration

externally, internally, across public bodies and with elected officials, breaking down silos to maximize efficiency and effectiveness while aiding policy decisions

Save time and decrease costs

digitalizing operations and reducing time to insight while making processes seamless for the public, faster for employees, and more efficient

Meet regulatory requirements

around sharing public data through self-service data portals that efficiently deliver key information to all stakeholders in formats tailored to their needs

Realize all your use cases with a data portal

Internal Data Portal

Free your data, increase openness and drive greater collaboration across the entire organization by centralizing information and making it easily available to all employees and policymakers through an internal data portal.

  • Automate the processing and follow-up of incoming requests and improve the efficiency employee in their ongoing work
  • Create dashboards to monitor your progress against organizational KPIs and data-driven metrics, keeping staff constantly informed
  • Develop a usable data catalog that centralizes and makes available constantly updated data from across your organization

Ecosystem Data Portal

Increase collaboration externally with other public bodies, government agencies, businesses, regulators, researchers and startups through comprehensive, intuitive, ecosystem data portals. Deliver more efficient, joined-up government that benefits citizens, enables innovation and foster economic development.

  • Create common, secure sharing spaces to exchange data between yourself, and other public bodies and partners
  • Provide strategic and reporting dashboards to demonstrate the impact of your joint actions and the progress made by your organization and wider ecosystem
  • Set custom data access rights for key partners to drive innovation and the creation of new services

Open Data Portal

Demonstrate performance and increase transparency around activities by sharing data with all stakeholders through an accessible open data portal. Deliver data experiences in multiple ways to drive usage and enrich public information.

  • Create themed visualizations and dashboards to provide a 360° view of key topics to employees and citizens
  • Provide innovative, data-driven services to simplify citizens’ lives and empower them to be easily find the information they need
  • Publish your public data in multiple formats that are accessible and easily reusable to meet regulatory requirements

North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management increases transparency

The North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) has created its online LINC data portal to make comprehensive public information easily available to both internal policymakers and the wider community.

Our solution

  • Provides an easy-to-use interface to meet the needs of different groups of users, from policymakers to citizens
  • Gives context to data assets and makes them understandable through tailored visualizations and data stories
  • Enables OSBM to create a more detailed demographic portal for specialist users, using Opendatasoft’s subdomain feature

The benefits

  • Provides a one-stop shop for statistical data about North Carolina, increasing trust, transparency and engagement with all audiences
  • Enables government employees to plan more effectively, based on access to comprehensive, up-to-date data
  • Improves efficiency and reduces administration through an easy-to-manage data portal platform

As a state government we want to demonstrate that we are responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars and are operating efficiently. Good data drives smart decisions, and that’s what our LINC data portal provides. This data informs policy, as well as important legislative and personal decisions.

Bob Coats
Governor’s Census Liaison, OSBM
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The key capabilities of a data portal

Opendatasoft’s data portal solution enables data leaders and organizations within government departments, agencies and central administrations to quickly create a one-stop shop for the rapid discovery and use of their data assets at scale, internally and externally.

Seamlessly connect to all your internal and external data sources

through over  80 connectors for easy integration with your data tools and business applications.

Ensure data quality

control through more than 50 processors that automate common tasks such as formatting fields, correcting errors and standardizing formats.

Enable data preparation and enrichment

through Opendatasoft’s Data hub, providing free access to over 30,000 public datasets, available to combine with your own datasets.

Create compelling data visualizations and interactive dashboards

in just a few clicks through our no-code studio or via our advanced mode for more complex visualizations.

Securely share data assets

through a range of download and reuse options including APIs, allowing users to easily create their own uses from your data.

Better understand how your data is being used

internally and externally, across your ecosystems through in-built data lineage capabilities, while improving data portal management efficiency.

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Data Portal: The essential solution to maximize impact for data leaders Ebook
Data Portal: The essential solution to maximize impact for data leaders

All organizations understand the vital importance of data to success. In a world full of data, easy and rapid access to the right datasets, in the right format, at the right time is crucial to decision-making, efficiency, collaboration, innovation and transparency. It decreases costs, builds new revenue streams, and mitigates risk. This ebook provides a comprehensive introduction to data portals at both a strategic and tactical level. It aims to help you embrace data democratization and unlock the value of your data.

Emirate of Ajman digitizes government and drives engagement through open data portal Success story
Emirate of Ajman digitizes government and drives engagement through open data portal

One of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ajman has a vision to deliver smart government services that improve the experience of its 500,000 residents and support businesses and other stakeholders through digital channels. The Department of Digital Ajman therefore began a project to collect and publish open data from government departments on its website. The open data portal Ajman Data is now one of the pillars of digital government across the emirate, providing key information to the local community, international investors, businesses and government departments. Learn more about this use case in our success story.

Delivering effective state government through open data Public Sector
Delivering effective state government through open data

By becoming data-driven and sharing information internally and externally state governments can boost efficiency, increase transparency and support better decision-making. Based on the experiences of the North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management we explain the importance of open data to successful state government.

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