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Why sustainability leaders choose Opendatasoft

Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives is critical to safeguarding organizational reputation, delivering on stakeholder needs and meeting global sustainability targets. As a CSR/ESG leader, data portal solutions provide you with a centralized one-stop shop data marketplace and a single version of the truth to share with all internal and external stakeholders, delivering transparency, demonstrating accountability, reporting progress and driving change across your sustainability metrics and programs.

The benefits of data portals for Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental, Social, and Governance leaders

Show the impact of your CSR action plan

Move beyond static reporting to show the real impact of your CSR and ESG initiatives in more engaging, interactive and compelling formats through your data portal. Boost transparency and enhance your reputation with consumers, employees and the wider world. Demonstrate progress, communicating with all stakeholders through drill-down dashboards, data stories and map-based visualizations, all based on reliable, centralized data.

Meet compliance standards

Meet increasing compliance needs around CSR and ESG by centralizing reporting data through your portal. Make it easily available to regulators at an industry, national, and international level, in the right format, backed by comprehensive metadata and clear licensing. By delivering data on a self-service basis you increase efficiency around compliance reporting while strengthening and enforcing corporate data governance processes.

Commit all stakeholders to deliver your CSR and ESG vision

Achieving CSR and ESG goals and driving wider sustainability transformation is a team effort, involving stakeholders inside the organization and across ecosystems. Use your data portal solution to engage all stakeholders, empowering them to contribute to realizing your common objectives by sharing reliable, understandable, actionable data assets. This secures greater commitment, increases collaboration, builds trust and drives stakeholder engagement.

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EDF Group embraces transparency aces transparency by sharing its environmental, industrial, financial and social data

EDF is a major global energy producer, and is committed to building a carbon-neutral, sustainable future. Its public data portal transparently communicates progress against multiple CSR indicators and targets.

Our portal aims to provide a better understanding of the Group’s activities and contributes to enriching the ecosystem of data on the energy transition. We also hope to enable the emergence of innovative services likely to improve the lives of customers and citizens alike.

Jean-Christophe Michel,
Product Manager - Open Data, EDF
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How Opendatasoft’s key capabilities transform your role

Opendatasoft’s intuitive data portal solution enables CDOs and data leaders to transform operations by industrializing access to your data assets at scale across the business and beyond, through an e-commerce marketplace-style experience, maximizing reuse, empowering users, and increasing efficiency, innovation and value.

Integrate all of your internal and external data sources, tools and business applications quickly and effortlessly through our 80+ pre-built connectors.

Save time while ensuring data quality and strong governance through 50+ processors that automate common tasks such as reformatting fields, error correction and format standardization.

Seamlessly enrich your data, add context and increase its value by connecting to Opendatasoft’s Data hub, which delivers free access to over 30,000 datasets.

Accelerate data usage and consumption through an e-commerce marketplace-style user experience built on AI-powered intuitive search, interactive discovery and automatic recommendations of relevant data assets.

Retain control and ensure compliance through customizable, granular access rights management across all your data assets, enabling secure consumption based on role and user type.

Harness in-built data lineage capabilities to track and identify how your data is being used across  your ecosystems while increasing the efficiency of your portal.

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Data Portal: The essential solution to maximize impact for data leaders Ebook
Data Portal: The essential solution to maximize impact for data leaders

All organizations understand the vital importance of data to success. In a world full of data, easy and rapid access to the right datasets, in the right format, at the right time is crucial to decision-making, efficiency, collaboration, innovation and transparency. It decreases costs, builds new revenue streams, and mitigates risk. This ebook provides a comprehensive introduction to data portals at both a strategic and tactical level. It aims to help you embrace data democratization and unlock the value of your data.

Impact, sustainability, and CSR: Using data to build the organizations of the future Digital transformation
Impact, sustainability, and CSR: Using data to build the organizations of the future

Our article explains best practices for implementing an effective CSR strategy tailored to your needs, using examples from Kering, SNCF, MAIF, EDF, and the city of Orléans.

10 reasons why you should leverage open data to boost CSR projects Data Trends
10 reasons why you should leverage open data to boost CSR projects

In an age when stakeholders demand concrete evidence of the social commitments touted by companies, data sharing is becoming vital to meeting the needs of CSR. Here are 10 good ways to use digital transformation to improve the corporate social responsibility of your organization.

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