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Data portals: A driver for transformation in Transport & Mobility

Operators in the transport and mobility sector generate enormous, growing volumes of real-time data. Making this information available within the organization and to partners such as businesses, regulators, consumers, other players and local authorities is essential to delivering successful mobility services. Data portals enable operators to confidently and quickly share their data assets across ecosystems, resulting in simpler, more efficient processes, improved risk management, greater sustainability, innovation and the creation of new mobility services designed to meet changing user needs.

The benefits of data portals

Better manage assets and infrastructure

by collecting and sharing sensor data, enabling real-time views of usage to lower risk and underpin predictive maintenance strategies

Improve efficiency

and save time and cost by digitalizing processes, reducing time to insight, decreasing expenditure and empowering employees to be more productive and effective

Meet changing customer needs

sharing data both directly and via partner apps to make journeys straightforward and seamless through the provision of real-time information

Increase openness and transparency

demonstrating performance against targets, such as around punctuality through compelling, interactive

Deliver innovative new services

and enable end-to-end mobility by sharing data across transport ecosystems, providing customers with a joined-up experience that encourages greater usage

Monitor and drive sustainability

showing progress against decarbonization goals by providing every audience with data tailored to their needs, from understandable data stories to APIs

Realize all your use cases with a data portal

Internal Data Portal

Empower your employees through seamless access to centralized data assets from across your organization via your internal data portal, enabling everyone to discover, share and reuse information in their roles.

  • Map all your assets and centralize your sensor data to have a 360° view of your infrastructure, increasing efficiency and better managing risk
  • Build internal data-driven services and applications to increase staff productivity and to optimize management of your network
  • Centralize user requests and make it easier for your employees to process them through dashboards that synchronize data in real time

Ecosystem Data Portal

Accelerate collaboration and innovation with new and existing partners by delivering rapid access to usable data in tailored formats through your intuitive ecosystem data portal, helping to underpin mobility transformation and accelerate decarbonization.

  • Share data with mapping partners, enabling them to enrich their apps to improve road safety
  • Encourage local partners who interact with your services to share their data through secure shared spaces
  • Create new data-driven services to enable your ecosystem stakeholders to innovate and improve their performance

Open Data Portal

Increase transparency and improve the customer experience by sharing operational, performance and strategic data with stakeholders through your open data portal. Make information easy to access and understand, demonstrating value and building trust.

  • Go beyond regulatory standards and present data in an engaging way using visualizations, dashboards, and data stories
  • Share real-time data on your passengers’ journeys, enabling them to efficiently plan their trips and improve their customer experience
  • Create attractive dashboards to share your key performance indicators, particularly in terms of operations and environmental impact

Infrabel drives sustainable mobility through data

Through its internal and open data portals Belgian railway operator Infrabel is effectively and efficiently sharing data on its operations, meeting regulatory requirements, increasing transparency and building an internal data culture.

Our solution

  • Connects to Infrabel’s wide range of data sources and business solutions, including SAP, SharePoint, Excel and flat files
  • Provides a single platform for secure external/open and internal data sharing
  • Delivers intuitive access to all types of user, providing raw data, visualizations, maps and dashboards

The benefits

  • Increases efficiency and improves productivity by automating the process of providing legally required data via its portal
  • Improves transparency and accountability by sharing performance data, including around punctuality and sustainability targets
  • Builds an internal data culture, increasing sharing and driving data-driven decision-making

We chose to be proactive when it comes to data sharing, increasing transparency around all our operations. This is helping us start a shift towards a more data-driven culture, with our people now coming up with a growing number of ways of using data to benefit us and our stakeholders.

Lucas Smet,
Project Lead Open Data, Knowledge Center, Strategy, Corporate & Public Affairs, Infrabel
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The Key Capabilities of a Data Portal

Opendatasoft’s data portal solution enables data leaders and organizations from the Transport and Mobility sector to quickly create a one-stop shop for the rapid discovery and use of their data assets at scale, internally and externally.

Seamlessly connect to all your internal and external data sources

through over 80 connectors for easy integration with your data tools and business applications.

Ensure data quality

control through more than 50 processors that automate common tasks such as formatting fields, correcting errors and standardizing formats.

Enable data preparation and enrichment

through Opendatasoft’s Data hub, providing free access to over 30,000 public datasets, available to combine with your own datasets.

Create compelling data visualizations and interactive dashboards

in just a few clicks through our no-code studio or via our advanced mode for more complex visualizations.

Securely share data assets

through a range of download and reuse options including APIs, allowing users to easily create their own uses from your data.

Better understand how your data is being used

internally and externally, across your ecosystems through in-built data lineage capabilities, while improving data portal management efficiency.

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SBB CFF FFS: Opening data to shape the future of mobility Success story
SBB CFF FFS: Opening data to shape the future of mobility

As a major actor in the Swiss transportation industry, SBB operates in a highly regulated market and it continuously strives to improve the travel experience for its passengers. SBB needed a data sharing solution that would enable it to: Comply with Swiss regulatory requirements on open data; Increase transparency around its dayto-day business activities; Provide data that can be used to develop new applications or innovative public services. Discover the SBB project; read our customer story!

Infrabel drives sustainable mobility by unlocking the full power of data Success story
Infrabel drives sustainable mobility by unlocking the full power of data

Infrabel builds, maintains and modernizes the Belgian railway network, as well as coordinating all train traffic throughout the country. Innovation, collaboration, and transparency are key to the company’s strategy and success. As part of its role, Infrabel is responsible for monitoring and reporting punctuality and is obligated by law to provide certain data to external stakeholders, from citizens to the media. Infrabel therefore took a proactive approach, looking at collecting and sharing open data through a portal with all stakeholders, to become a data-driven company. It has now extended the data experiences it offers, including around job vacancies and progress against CSR goals, as well as creating a new, internal data portal for its 10,000 employees, using the same Opendatasoft platform.

The importance of data portals to accelerating success in transport and mobility Mobility
The importance of data portals to accelerating success in transport and mobility

Driven by the need to decarbonize, increase efficiency and meet changing customer needs, the transport and mobility sector is undergoing a rapid transformation. Data is at the heart of this, with data portals critical to building an effective, sustainable and customer-centric transport ecosystem.

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