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Our Customer Success team provides you with ongoing support, helping you achieve your goals and ensuring the success of your data portal projects.

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Our approach

Listening and customizing

Steering and supporting

Empowering to drive results

At your side to help manage your projects

Your Opendatasoft Customer Success Manager (CSM) is:

Your trusted partner

Your CSM is your key contact at Opendatasoft and your day-to-day partner from the beginning of your project. Skilled in effective project management methods, your CSM will help you to decide which key factors will drive project success and will help regularly monitor its progress and performance.

Your daily advisor

Through a deep understanding of your business challenges and the role of data in meeting them, your CSM is able to share their expertise, helping you get the most from the Opendatasoft solution to meet your strategic and operational goals. With the CSM’s help, you’ll quickly get up to speed on all of our functions and features.

Your voice at Opendatasoft

Your CSM understands how you’re using the solution now and where you want to go in the future. They are focused on collecting your feedback for future developments, and then sharing it across Opendatasoft, helping drive continuous improvement of our products and services.

Your project’s #1 ambassador

Your CSM trains your teams and provides recommendations to accelerate the growth of a data-centric culture in your organization. As the ambassador for your project at Opendatasoft, they connect you to our marketing team to communicate your successes and your data sharing milestones.

Since 2011, our Customer Success teams have supported more than 3,000 data projects in over 25 countries. Our teams are committed to helping our customers at every stage of their projects, from strategy, deployment and analysis to continuous improvement. Their mission: to quickly empower our customers to use our platform effectively, facilitate collaboration with their stakeholders around data, and to help them achieve their strategic and operational goals.

Sylvain Ornetti Head of Customer Success & Solutions, Opendatasoft


Our overall support


Our tech support


Our Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Average score for SaaS companies: 30

Opendatasoft is the perfect solution to share data simply. The available functionalities allow us to give life to data in a few clicks. The learning curve is very fast and the Opendatasoft team is always very helpful.

Matt Webb
CIO, UK Power Networks
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Why the Net Promoter Score is important to Opendatasoft

How do we measure customer satisfaction and what are we doing to improve it? What features do our customers particularly value?

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Three dimensions of technical support


At Opendatasoft, we strongly believe that support is key to help you make the most of your platform, develop new data sharing usages, and democratize data access. Included by default in our licenses, our support focuses on three dimensions.

Technical support

Our support team is composed of developers, infrastructure engineers, security engineers and product managers. They work closely with our clients in order to fix bugs and answer technical questions, with a response time of under 24 hours.

CSM care

One of our priorities is to make sure you have enough information and knowledge to share your data effectively and maximize its value.. That’s why you’ll form a close partnership with your key contact, who will keep you up-to-date on the latest features, use cases and best practices around the Opendatasoft solution.

Self-service support

At Opendatasoft, we continuously develop knowledge resources so you and your team can easily and seamlessly find answers to your questions and access self-paced training materials.

Help hub

A comprehensive user guide to all of our solution’s features, including complete documentation around all Opendatasoft’s APIs.


A one-stop shop for training. Access themed courses on topics such as data management, data storytelling, and data usage, take step-by-step courses designed for specific user profiles or simply dive into our library of quick tips, targeted resources and inspiration from other customers.

Data hub

Access relevant data to help create your projects from our catalog of over 33,000 openly available public datasets. Our Data hub is enriched every day with data shared by our customers and reference data selected by our team.

Code library

Our team has built a ready-to-use code library, allowing you to quickly create your own pages and apps.

User clubs

Take part in meetings with your peers, in person and remotely, sharing best practices and discussing the daily challenges of democratizing data in your ecosystems.

Community customer platform

Our community customer platform is a common space where data experts and data consumers can share their insights, swap best practices, extend their networks and stay updated on data management topics.

The Opendatasoft solution evolves very quickly and is both easy to use and rich in features. Support is very available, responsive and allows us to progress faster. The "data community" type events organized by Customer Success Managers are interesting and very relevant to innovation in our sector.

Lucas Smet
Project Lead Open Data, Knowledge Center, Strategy, Corporate & Public Affairs
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Customized support to take you further

Additionally, we offer a range of standard service packs to support your specific project needs. Whether you are looking for customized guidance to become an ODS power user, or want hands-off delivery of an impactful data project, there’s a service pack for you.

Onboarding Packs

Reduce time to value with our productized onboarding packs, designed to help you accelerate and facilitate your first steps on the solution, from onboarding to getting new members of your team up to speed fast.

Run Packs

Run packs help you drive value from your Opendatasoft solution, providing guidance on best practices and ongoing support to grow, develop and expand your program.

Premium Services

We offer four levels of premium services to provide extensive, tailored support to help you to design, plan and execute your data projects, based on an agreed scope and package of days and skills.

The strength of Opendatasoft is in their teams’ responsiveness. Not only do they have a powerful solution but their teams are also really dynamic and responsive. We asked Opendatasoft for processors to track our mileage points and they came back to us with a relevant solution in a matter of days. They’re always there to help whether you need a presentation, a demonstration, or a technical solution to help you get more out of their product.

Stéphane Avronsart
Responsable du Pôle Qualité à la Direction Générale Industrielle et Ingénierie de SNCF Réseau
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