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Master data management

Data portals to manage, share and standardize master data across the organization, delivering consistency, improved quality and increased business value.

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Master data delivers consistency, structure and context to all your data assets, making its effective management essential to delivering and industrializing your data strategy. Your data portal is central to delivering a successful master data management (MDM) program, providing you with the ability to enforce organization-wide strategies and ensure consistency. This dramatically improves quality, and helps drive standardization to increase efficiency, underpin better decision-making and enable confident, reliable data sharing across your organization.

Manage and provide better access to your master data with Opendatasoft’s data portal solution

Maintain shared cross-departmental master data

To be effective, master data must be harmonized across your entire organization and applied consistently to every data asset. Centralized data portals provide you and your organization with a single source of truth for master data management, sharing consistent standards and terms with all departments, building confidence that it is up-to-date while enforcing your governance and usage rules to break down silos and enable effective sharing.

Ensure master data supports business objectives

Master data must meet your changing business needs and support your wider organizational objectives. By linking master data directly to the sharing of your data assets, data portals bring together your data stewards and data users in a single space, facilitating dialogue and ensuring that standards are designed and applied around business requirements, accelerating usage and adoption while demonstrating value from your MDM programs.

Improve the consistency and quality of your core data assets

By centralizing all of your data assets, data portals provide a window into your organization’s entire data. This allows the seamless application of master data to improve quality, reliability and consistency, processing and enriching your data assets to ensure compliance, both with internal standards and to aid in wider regulatory and legislative compliance, such as around the GDPR and CCPA.

Providing seamless access to standardized master data through the Opendatasoft Data hub

The Opendatasoft Data hub brings together over 32,000 freely available datasets to help increase data sharing, inspire new use cases and deliver standardized master data from national and international organizations.

Our solution

  • Provides access to a wide range of master and referential data, such as standardized US zipcodes, place and county names and company registration information
  • This can be easily applied to enrich and standardize master data

The benefits

  • Easy access to standardized master data through the Opendatasoft Data hub reduces administration and search time for portal administrators
  • It enables organizations to confidently find and apply recognized standards to their metadata, ensuring data quality and reliability
  • This enforces governance standards across all of an organization’s data assets, driving greater usage and underpinning data democratization

This project allowed us to show that we were capable of capturing data, processing it, enriching it, and creating value from it, specifically in the fields of IoT, energy management and industry. The platform gave me the chance to understand the mechanics of generating value from our data, and that's very powerful.

Herveig Lecuyer
Data Factory Program Lead, Schneider Electric
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Master Data Management and Opendatasoft’s key capabilities

Connect multiple sources

Thanks to over 80 connectors, the Opendatasoft solution links to all your data sources and formats, from business tools to cloud storage platforms. This enables you to seamlessly aggregate master data from across your tech stack in one centralized data portal to ensure consistent master data management.

Enrich and improve data

Built-in processors within the Opendatasoft solution standardize master data, correcting errors and ensuring consistency. Access to our comprehensive Data Hub enriches your master data with commonly used standards and definitions from leading external and public sources, applying them to deliver context and interoperability

Manage access and user rights

Ensure security and enforce access rights through Opendatasoft’s tailored access and user management capabilities. This restricts access to more sensitive data assets to authorized users, ensuring confidentiality and compliance, while enabling users to apply for and be granted access through clear workflows.

Our key partners to help deliver your master management projects

We collaborate with technical experts to advance your master management projects. Our partners bring specialized expertise in data integration, metadata management, and compliance, ensuring robust and scalable solutions. Explore the technical depth of our collaborations on our partner page.

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