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Data governance & catalog

Data portals to spread and enforce data governance policies by enabling the cataloging, access, and discovery of all or part of your data assets.

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Rely on data governance and cataloging to become a data-centric organization

Your needs

Your organization generates and collects an increasing volume and variety of data assets, from inside and outside the business. To gain a clear view of all your data assets you need to store them in a smarter way to enable effective sharing and reuse. Becoming data-centric begins with deploying data portals to help you create a complete data catalog of all assets that meets robust data governance policies, guaranteeing quality and consistency.

Create a modern data catalog for trusted data access with Opendatasoft’s data portal solution

Build a business-focused data inventory accessible to all

Traditional data catalog solutions are static, technical inventories of data and metadata that don’t provide direct access to the data, preventing data centricity. By contrast, choosing a centralized data portal provides you with next generation capabilities, transforming your data catalog into an intuitive, usable and comprehensive platform. This enables your data assets to be easily discovered, accessed and shared, driving greater reuse and fueling an innovative, data-centric culture in your organization.

Allow all users to confidently discover and reuse your data for increased collaboration and sharing

Your data can be scattered across the organization and wider ecosystem, making it hard for users to discover and use it with confidence. To overcome this, your data portal creates a centralized catalog of all your data assets, from datasets to dashboards, with powerful, intuitive search and navigation that enables every user to quickly and confidently find the right data asset for their needs.

Embed data governance inside your data portal management

Ensure your data governance rules guarantee that data assets are high-quality, reliable, clearly understandable, and only accessible by the right people. Unlock real value from your data by closely integrating your data portal with your data governance strategy, making it concrete through clear, personalized user and data management, access rights and permissions, delivering confidence to users and enforcing your corporate standards.

Elia ensures strong data governance and discovery through its data portal

One of Europe’s leading electricity transmission system operators, Elia is focused on becoming data-centric. Its Opendatasoft-based data portal is central to this, integrating closely with its tech stack and data governance policies.

Our solution

  • Provides a central data catalog of all data assets, available both internally and to external audiences
  • Enforces data governance through strong integration with Elia’s entire data stack, which handles 50 million daily data points
  • Enables clear data usage tracking through powerful data lineage capabilities

The benefits

  • Increased data usage across Elia’s ecosystem, with the platform scaling to handle 26 million monthly API calls
  • Access to a wide range of data assets for the portal’s 49,000 monthly users, ranging from near real-time datasets to compelling visualizations
  • Comprehensive, integrated governance across all data assets, increasing control through a holistic approach that brings together business and technical users.

We started to work with data as part of our transversal shift to data centricity, and wanted to ensure we offered our internal and external stakeholders accessible, usable, and discoverable data. Opendatasoft was a good match for our ambitions, thanks to its central data catalog and advanced search functions to help with data discoverability.

Cédric Charlier
Group Head of Data & Integration, Elia
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Data Governance & Catalog and Opendatasoft’s key capabilities

Tech stack integration

The Opendatasoft data portal solution seamlessly connects to your entire tech stack, including internal solutions and a wide range of cloud providers, in order to store, catalog, and share all your data assets through a powerful, intuitive, central and comprehensive data marketplace  for all users.

Manage access and user rights

Ensure security and enforce access rights through Opendatasoft’s tailored access and user management capabilities. This restricts access to more sensitive data assets to authorized users, ensuring confidentiality and compliance, while enabling users to apply for and be granted access through clear workflows.

Asset catalog

Opendatasoft’s next generation data catalog capabilities mean that it covers all data assets from across your organization, not just datasets. This maximizes reuse and ROI through the ability for users to quickly find and easily access the full range of your data assets, including dashboards and visualizations in multiple formats.

Metadata management

Opendatasoft is built on comprehensive, consistent metadata management and automation capabilities. This ensures effective, efficient data governance and cataloging across your organization, enforcing corporate data standards and increasing interoperability with other tools while making data easily discoverable by internal and external users.

Our key partners to help deliver your data governance and cataloging projects

We collaborate with technical experts to advance your data governance and cataloging efforts. Our partners bring specialized expertise in data integration, metadata management, and compliance, ensuring robust and scalable solutions. Explore the technical depth of our collaborations on our partner page.

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