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Creating an internal data portal to improve efficiency.

Every organization is now producing growing volumes of data on a daily basis. Data managers within organizations need to ensure that this is being shared effectively in ways that meet the changing data needs of employees, partners, customers and the public alike. 

This is why organizations need to create data portal that provide a secure, one-stop shop to allow employees to quickly search and reuse all your organization’s data assets.

Discover the replay of our meetup and get inspired by Infrabel internal data portal!

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When it came to rolling out our data sharing strategy, Opendatasoft made the technical side very easy - from connecting data sources to creating visualizations. The team there has supported us every step of the way on our data journey, helping us to achieve our objectives and put data at the heart of everything we do.

Lucas Smet
Project Lead Open Data, Knowledge Center, Strategy, Corporate & Public Affairs at Infrabel

Infrabel builds, maintains and modernizes the Belgian railway network, as well as coordinating all train traffic throughout the country.

Infrabel began work in 2019 with Opendatasoft for its external open data Project. The success of the public portal and the growth of a data culture has led Infrabel to create a new, internal data portal : Key Figures. It aims to facilitate access to key internal data for its 10,000 employees, Everyone, from the CEO to workers in the field, are be able to access the portal to find the information they need to improve decision-making and efficiency

Find out how Infrabel:

  • Centralizes all its data assets on its internal platform to share data internally and externally,
  • Automate updating of its data portal through Opendatasoft,
  • Encourage the development of a data culture across the organization,
  • Use internal data portal to share key information with employees. 

Our speakers

Lucas Smet

Project Lead Open Data, Knowledge Center, Strategy, Corporate & Public Affairs - Infrabel

Marie-Laurence Pottiez

Team Lead Knowledge Center - Infrabel

Dimitri Robert

Data Strategy & Analytics - Infrabel

Fanny Goldschmidt

Account Executive - Opendatasoft

Watch the replay