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Data portal solution

Provide your data consumers with centralized, simple and secure access to all your data assets. Make data easily usable at scale through an intuitive, self-service, AI-powered experience.

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Why create a data portal?

Create a single source of truth

Increase the value of your data assets by freeing them from departmental silos, expert tools, and technical data catalog solutions. Centralize all your data assets (including datasets, visualizations, APIs, and third-party data) and make them available via a single location, delivering a single source of reliable data to your organization and wider ecosystem. Save time for all your employees and partners and give them confidence that they are always accessing the most up-to-date, reliable and relevant information for their needs.

The benefits

Saves time and streamlines processes

Ensures data quality and trust

Greater information sharing and data-centric decision making

Offer self-service access to all

Provide a seamless self-service experience to make it easier for users to access, discover, and consume your organization’s data. To get full value from your data it has to be available and accessible to every type of user, whether general employees, technical staff, data experts, or simply citizens, customers, and internet users in the case of public portals. Empower your users with an easy-to-use data portal that covers the entire journey, from initial AI-powered natural language queries to successful data use, including the ability to request access to sensitive data. Provide an environment designed to ensure your users can access and reuse all relevant data  to meet their complete information needs.

The benefits

Accessibility at scale

Productivity and efficiency

A modernized data management stack

Offer the best experience to engage your data consumers

Encourage use of the portal by offering a fluid and intuitive experience, inspired by the usability of e-commerce marketplaces. Simplify the search for relevant data with AI through guided search capabilities and personalized recommendations. Improve efficiency for both data producers and consumers by enabling them to seamlessly interact via advanced collaborative features.

The benefits

Augmented user experience

Enhanced collaboration between producers and consumers

Create a data-centric culture

Accelerate data consumption and maximize your data investments

Benefit from a complete data stack by integrating all your data storage, analytics, BI and business tools with our data portal solution. Accelerate data consumption at scale by delivering and sharing your data assets with your target audiences through a single, engaging point of access. Save time for your technical teams by eliminating manual processes around data, finally delivering ROI from your investment in data.

The benefits

Improve the profitability of your data management stack

Complement and enhance your existing data management tools

Share your data at scale internally, with partners or publicly in just a few clicks

In less than a year our data portal has achieved significant results in terms of user numbers and innovative reuses of data. We are continually developing and extending the program, and very much appreciate Opendatasoft’s experience, partnership approach and support as we continue our data sharing journey.

Director of Digital Transformation
Department of Digital Ajman
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Choose the use case that meets your needs

Internal data portal

Centralize all data assets, eliminate internal data silos and simplify information sharing via your internal data portal so that all employees, whatever their role, can easily find and act on relevant data without requiring additional training or technical support.

Create the internal data portal that fits your needs

  • Enterprise data marketplace
  • Data intranet
  • Data services and applications

The benefits

Boost team productivity and reduce costs

Improve decision-making

Accelerate digitalization

Ecosystem data portal

Create deep, data-driven relationships with your business partners, customers, and other organizations through an ecosystem data portal. Monetize your data, encourage innovation and accelerate collaboration through a data-centric approach, enabling you to take advantage of new opportunities.

Create the ecosystem data portal that fits your needs

  • Customer data marketplace and data monetization
  • Data space
  • Cross-sector or thematic data hub

The benefits

Improve your data products and services

Generate new revenues through data

Encourage innovation and ecosystem information sharing

Open data portal

Deliver on regulatory requirements around data sharing, and strengthen relationships with your community, stakeholders and customers by transparently communicating key information around your performance, objectives and services through an open portal data. Demonstrate openness and build trust to protect your reputation over the long term.

Create the open data portal that fits your needs

  • Open government portal
  • Smart city portal
  • Transparency hub or public information portal
  • ESG/CSR portal

The benefits

Manage risk

Meet regulatory requirements

Engage and build trust with stakeholders

GRDF, Internal data sharing for a stronger knowledge sharing culture

Keen to improve the way in which primary data circulates within the company, GRDF’s IT department introduced a strategy for data sharing and value creation. To carry out this program, GRDF was looking for a solution that would enable it to meet the following two objectives: Enhance collaboration between different units and share unified data knowledge.

Our Solution

  • Enables administrators to quickly master the platform’s functionalities, allowing the GRDF team to focus immediately on uploading relevant datasets rather than spending time on technical aspects.
  • Enhances collaboration by making relevant data accessible and usable for any employee.
  • Provides an intuitive data access management tool, allowing the GRDF team to manage portal use and user-uploaded information, ensuring data quality and improving the portal’s business value.

The Benefits

  • Facilitates knowledge sharing by allowing primary data from various business divisions to flow easily throughout the company, quickly reaching decision-makers and encouraging informed, fact-based decisions.
  • Strengthens data culture by introducing a single data-sharing tool, making it easier for management to unite employees around a common vision for data use and data-driven decision-making at GRDF

The solution really has helped us raise awareness about the importance of sharing data within the company. It has brought the various national, regional and IT teams together and facilitated interactions by giving them access to a single data portal.

Nathalie Barthélémy
Responsable de la Cellule Données et Échanges, Direction des Systèmes d’Information, GRDF
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Put the user experience at the center of your data portal

Place the user experience at the heart of your strategy in order to drive engagement and widespread adoption of your data portal. Provide a seamless and intuitive interface inspired by e-commerce sites that requires no training to master. Focus on simplicity and ease of access to engage everyone, from business users to technical experts, making your portal a part of their daily working lives.

Outstanding UI

AI-based search features

Collaboration and interaction capabilities

Seamlessly integrate your data portal into your tech stack

Create a complete, customizable showcase of all or part of your data assets. Connect all your data sources to your portal using our native connectors or our powerful API, designed to meet all your integration needs. Provide access to all of your shareable data, whatever its source (BI, or data lakes), type (structured, or unstructured), origin (internal, external, open data, or partners) or format (including datasets, and  visualizations).

Integration & connectivity

Optimize data consumption by going beyond traditional data catalogs

Manual Solutions

Traditional files, standard communication tools


  • Data is siloed within departments
  • No unique, centralized, and trusted data repository.
  • No centralized access to data, limited sharing on a case-by-case basis.

Cataloging Solutions

Traditional data governance solutions


  • Technical inventory of the organization’s data and metadata.
  • No access or navigation within the data.
  • No culture of data usage.

Data catalog solution access

Self-Service Solutions

Data portals to create data marketplaces, data hubs, open data platforms


  • Data assets can be searched, manipulated, enriched, visualized, and reused in a unique data space (advanced and customizable sharing options).

Self service data solution access

Transform your data into a finally consumable resource that is available to all. Enable every type of user to fully benefit from your data by providing easy, centralized, and intuitive access to all of your organization’s data assets. Meet your strategic objectives of creating value at scale from your information, while accelerating data democratization through a simple, user-friendly solution designed to empower your people and create a data-driven culture. Provide a consumption experience that is open to all, successfully democratizing access to your information.

We started to work with open data as part of our transversal shift to data centricity, and wanted to ensure we offered our stakeholders accessible, usable, and discoverable data. Opendatasoft was a good match for our ambitions, thanks to its central data catalog and advanced search functions to help with data discoverability.

Cédric Charlier
Group Head of Data & Integration Elia
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Scale with Opendatasoft

Multi- and sovereign cloud hosting

Choose a solution that meets your cloud hosting needs, whatever your choice of provider, infrastructure or legal requirements.

AI technology

Put AI to work for your users and reduce management time by automating manual and repetitive tasks, while making data easier to access by consumers. We work closely with a range of leading AI providers to offer the best solutions and maximum flexibility to our customers.

Rapid deployment

Once your data is ready, create and deploy an impactful portal, personalized to your brand identity, in just three weeks thanks to our turnkey solution. Lack internal resources? Our teams can build your portal for you.

SaaS scalability

Deploy a SaaS solution that adapts as your strategy and needs change, with the ability to scale to handle millions of data points in real-time and make data available to hundreds of thousands of users.


Benefit from a robust, secure and audited solution that features secure data isolation, custom security settings and Single Sign On capabilities.

Premium services

Use our premium, custom services to support you in designing, planning and executing more complex data projects, based on an agreed scope and set days and agreed technical skills.

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