Opendatasoft x NCGIS Conference 2023

Geographic data is vital to successful operations but is often siloed and only available within a single department or portal. This severely limits its potential – combining it with other open data unlocks real value for organizations and their stakeholders in terms of efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and innovation. How can this data be shared openly, creating new opportunities for its use and development?

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Check out the replay and learn 3 best practices on merging geo-data with other open data initiatives, based on the experiences of State and Local Government organizations in North Carolina:

  • 🏛 The Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM)
  • 🏛 The Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC)
  • 🏛 And the towns of Morrisville and Cary, including how to directly connect ArcGIS datasets to all-in-one portals.

Whatever sector you operate in, the webinar will provide insight and best practices around engaging users with data to ensure transparency and trust.

Enjoy the replay 📺 !

Our speakers

Adam Reiser

Sales Director North America at Opendatasoft

Macarena Gonzalez

Customer Succes Manager Local-Gov at Opendatasoft

Watch the replay