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Analyze and accelerate your data usage with Opendatasoft’s new data lineage feature

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Find out how to improve the ease and efficiency of data portal management with our new data lineage feature 🚀

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Organizations in every sector are committed to democratizing their data by creating data portals for their employees and external stakeholders. However, until now, there hasn’t been any way to automatically analyze how data is being shared and reused, making it difficult to show the impact of data sharing and demonstrate value.

That’s why Opendatasoft has launched its unique new data lineage feature 🚀

Focused on usage, it allows organizations to better understand how their data is used internally and externally, across data ecosystems, while improving the ease and efficiency of data portal management.

📆 On the agenda of this on-demand Product Talk:

  • How does Opendatasoft data lineage work? See a live demo!
  • What are the benefits of this new feature?
  • How can you use data lineage to create new opportunities around your data?
  • How are customers already benefiting from data lineage?

Our speakers

Emmanuel Daubricourt

VP Product at Opendatasoft

Kiki Li

Customer Success Manager at Opendatasoft

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