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Akajoule digitizes its service offering by creating energy and environmental data dashboards

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Thanks to the company’s combined expertise in energy and the environment, Akajoule is able to support its customers throughout their energy transition projects.

Akajoule is a leader in the energy market, and wants to provide its customers with a digital service as part of its projects, delivering an enhanced, engaging solution that will evolve as data changes to always be up-to-date.

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Areas of expertise
Themed dashboards
Data projects

Innovation has been a major force in Akajoule’s development since its creation. Since data lies at the heart of our activities, it was clear that we should adopt a solution that would enable us to democratize data and to disseminate it among all our stakeholders.

Dorian Cosseau
Business and product engineer
Dorian Cosseau Akajoule

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