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Bloomberg Associates enables cities to harness data to better manage complex construction payments

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Cities around the world spend tens of millions of dollars on large, complex construction projects every year. The invoicing process for these projects is equally complicated, creating potential vulnerabilities for public money to be wasted due to mistakes, fraud, or abuse.
Philanthropic consulting firm Bloomberg Associates saw the potential for using data to enable cities to better manage construction invoicing and guard against costly issues.
It worked with Opendatasoft to create the Red Flag tool, which uses data to scrutinize construction invoices for potential issues, enabling human auditors to investigate further.
Used by cities across the globe, the tool is:
  • Enhancing peace of mind by acting as a digital double-check
  • Spotting potential red flags and acting as a deterrent to fraud
  • Enabling digitization, and saving time and money
Learn more about this project by downloading our success story.
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Major construction projects

Both ODS and Bloomberg Associates are passionate about the value of data to cities and working with them has been phenomenal. With the Red Flag project we essentially provided the problem to ODS and explained the context and they have created a tool that solves the problem through their technical expertise. Cities tell us they wish they’d had this tool years ago!

Rose Gill Hearn
Principal, Municipal Integrity and Efficiency Practice - Bloomberg Associates