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KAPSARC creates energy data portal to inform policy making

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One of KAPSARC’s key objectives is to produce internationally recognized applied research, tools and data to inform global policymaking on energy, climate and sustainability. As part of this, the center publishes several insightful publications every year, based on extensive research and the collection of energy data from sources across the globe.

To meet its aims, it needed to be able to share this data internally and externally, enabling its simple, free reuse. KAPSARC understood that the optimal way to share the data its researchers had collected was via an online data portal.

Learn more about Kapsarc’s open data in this success story!

KAPSARC data portal

Opendatasoft has supported us all the way through our data sharing journey. Rather than a supplier, they are very much part of our extended team, responding quickly to our needs and enabling us to grow the portal, reach new audiences and help us achieve our objectives of delivering relevant data to the global research community.use as possible.

Amar Amarnath
Director of Solutions Productization at KAPSARC

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