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Kapsarc : an energy data hub to improve energy economics and policy

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Within its sector, KAPSARC observed that:

  • Data is often locked in PDFs, making it very difficult to search;
  • Data is difficult to reuse. There is no simple way to plug it directly into a research model on third-party software;
  • Data often need to be purchased. Research models become difficult to replicate.

Learn more about Kapsarc’s open data in this customer story!

Customer Story kapsarc

Thanks to Opendatasoft, we were able to launch a beta version internally within 30 days, and publically in 60 days. Today our portal serves over 40 downloads and 5,500 searches on energy datasets on a daily basis. Over the long term, we want to create a way for users to type a question and have a bot produce an answer. We think we are on the right track to make energy data as easy to find and use as possible.

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