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Leicester City Council creates a data-centric organization through internal and external data sharing

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Leicester City Council is a unitary authority with an estimated population of nearly 370,000 residents. The council is responsible for services across the city from education, libraries, and social care to transport, planning, and waste management as well as many more.

To best serve the residents and businesses of Leicester, the council is focused on better use of data to gain greater insights across its 21 departments and engage people through open data.

By using the Opendatasoft platform, Leicester City Council has created a strong foundation to underpin data sharing internally and externally. Learn more in this Success Story.

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"One of our key corporate objectives is to manage and share data strategically to maximize its impact internally and externally. Focusing on data at an enterprise level increases transparency, efficiency, and innovation, helping the council to operate more effectively and support our wider community in their daily lives."

Enterprise Data Architect
Leicester City Council

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