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Namur: breathing new life into an existing data sharing initiative

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The team at Namur has been collecting and using geographic information systems (GIS) data for over 30 years. It therefore has considerable expertise in data enhancement, and wanted to extend its approach by giving as many people as possible access to its wider data.

The city of Namur’s objective is to facilitate access to its data for all, enabling employees, residents and local stakeholders to be better informed. Internally, sharing data helps to increase efficiency and make better, data-driven decisions.

Learn more about the launch of Namur’s data portal in this Success Story!

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The city of Namur has specialized in mapping data for decades, and we very quickly identified the need to equip ourselves with a data experience platform to share our data beyond maps, in formats that are accessible and understandable by non-specialists.

Samuel Nottebaert
Geographer and Geomatician Head of the Geomatics and Urban Geography Department for the city of Namur

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