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City of Salinas drives transparency and collaboration through open data

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The City of Salinas has a diverse and multicultural population of approximately 160,000 people. As a city it is focused on using data to drive transparency, and is one of the first 50 cities in the United States to be certified by Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities initiative.

As part of its focus on transparency and ensuring effectiveness, Salinas wanted to make data a central part of its operations, with up-to-date, relevant information shared both externally with citizens and businesses and internally between departments to drive collaboration and become truly data-driven.

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Our open data portal is all about government transparency. As well as external audiences it’s actually a tool that can be utilized internally by our own staff, breaking down silos of knowledge and information within the organization. This helps drive collaboration to solve some of the most complex issues that we face.

Eric Sandoval
Innovation Team Leader and GIS Administrator

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