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We’ve helped our customers build more than 2,000 data projects globally across all industries. These enable them to create and share new data experiences that are more searchable, more relevant and more memorable. Data democratization helps them positively transform their operations, build trustworthy and transparent relationships, and drive value and bottom-line benefits. In these embedded visualizations, take a look at the distribution of our customers across the world and the typology of their projects. Visualize the top 10 countries gathering the most cities that have opened their data with Opendatasoft, enriching +25 000 public and self-service datasets, all searchable through the ODS Data hub.

Working together to get results quickly

At Opendatasoft, we’re passionate about the possibilities that data-driven experiences unlock for everyone. We are proud to combine leading edge technology with amazing customer relationships and support. Our Customer Success team is dedicated to empower our users in the use of the platform, and to help them achieve their strategic and operational goals. More about our customer support.

The voice of our customers

Our customers and their Customer Success Manager tell us about their special bond and how they collaborate on data-driven projects.

UK Power Networks

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