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At OpenDataSoft, we are convinced that organizations will create value from their data only if they share it.

OpenDataSoft offers market-leading data sharing solutions that redefine enterprise data management. Our solution offers a one-stop hub of organized data and tools to access, visualize, analyze, and share it.

Open Data

Opening data for better community engagement.

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IoT and Smart City

Managing high volumes of real-time data to unleash innovation.

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Private Data Sharing

Sharing data to empower performance and innovation.

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Data Product

Building data products for new revenues streams.

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10 Essential Steps to Publish Your Data

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Our Customers Transform Their Data into Useful Resources

Take a look at our clients’ success stories across the public and private sectors!

“We went from a material vision of our business to one of a service. Birdz does not only sell sensors to water network operators, but provides them an access to relevant and business-driven data.”

Marie Maurel,
Project Manager, Sensor Networks, Birdz

“As we release more open data on the portal there will be many more opportunities to improve life for area residents and businesses and even promote data-sharing between internal City departments. It is exciting to be part of it.”

Scott Tulk,
Technology Solutions Architect in Information Systems and Technology

“A tool like OpenDataSoft allows us to better understand the potential of Open Data and to imagine, even upon publishing a dataset, a multitude of possible future uses and services.”

Benjamin Bertelle,
Design and Development Engineer, Keolis Rennes