OpenDataSoft (ODS to those who know us well) is in the business of helping companies, cities and towns, and government organizations share and leverage their data, through open data portals (City of Paris, French National Rail Company, French Ministry of Higher Education & Research), internally with data hubs (Total, Veolia) or both at the same time! While we mainly operate in France, we’re now expanding and have new clients popping up in the United States, Sweden, Portugal and the Middle East!

OpenDataSoft - Data Management Solution

We develop and sell as SaaS software solution enabling users to collect, process and share any data online, and then to browse, visualize and download said data. What’s really great about our solution is that we package all of these features into an easy-to-use and attractive interface that eliminates (for the users) any underlying technical challenges. It’s so easy that anybody can share information in a few clicks, and advanced users can precisely tune their security settings and build rich and dynamic dashboards. Developers can even use our APIs to feed their own applications.

Our long-term goal is to build a global data network that’s both simple to browse and makes data easy to discover in order to enable individuals and companies alike to build relevant analysis and innovative services. Thus, we’re following closely all Open Data initiatives as demonstrated by our comprehensive map of the world’s Open Data portals.

OpenDataSoft Creates a Linked Data Platform

The OpenDataSoft team

Our 40-person team (20 in R&D) works cozily in the 15th district of Paris, in an open space office that frequently sees nerf darts and blue bouncing balls flying around, proof that we embody certain startup clichés. While we sometimes gather at the local pizzeria for lunch (granted, we go a bit more often to the local pub after work), we prefer to spend our lunch break (each to his or her own taste) exploring the district’s rich culinary options (we do work in Paris, after all). We also go to the neighborhood swimming pool or play basketball.

Finally, we do care deeply about the quality of our work! However, we are no stakhanovists. We’re flexible with working hours and vacation days, we provide our employees with a great working environment (spacious office space, sitting and standing desks, dual-screen setups, new and powerful laptops) and our office manager (who isn’t easily shaken) meets with each of us at least twice a year to make sure our wildest demands are met.

Send your resume through the form at the end of this page and state the position you’re applying to. No need for a formal cover letter, but you should include in your message different projects and experiences (they don’t have to be professional either!) relevant to the position.

R&D positions

The platform is built on an ElasticSearch – Python stack for the back-end (data acquisition and processing) and a Django – Angular JS stack for the front-end (UI and API). We use Git, Clubhouse and Slack to get organized and collaborate daily, free from silos and complex processes, so that we can concentrate on real work.

Front-end developer (permanent contract) / Paris (France)

New data visualization widgets, back-office overhaul, new UI enabling end-users to build maps and graphs, the topics aren’t lacking. You’ll therefore join our R&D team (more precisely our 3 front-end developers) at first to get acquainted with our stack, help along ongoing developments and from the first day take an active part in the design of the platform’s new features.

Our UI is written in Angular 1.X, its style in LESS (following the BEM methodology) and is fed by APIs written in Django. The whole data visualization part is by the way distributed as open source so that data can be easily re-used on third-party websites.

Requested skills

  • In depth knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and all the things internet in general
  • In depth knowledge of AngularJS (1.X)
  • Some knowledge of Python
  • A taste for simplicity (for both code and UI), especially when it serves efficiency

Bonus skills

  • Knowledge of other JS frameworks (React, AngularJS 2, Ember.js)
  • Knowledge of Django
  • Knowledge of challenges posed by internationalisation

UX Positions


We’re recruiting a UX designer with an user research experience in order to improve the user experience of the platform.
You will work with our lead UX designer and our visual designers.

Requested skills

  • Know user research: interviews, questions, analysis
  • Run workshops in needs assessment or design
  • Iterate on a design, from the whiteboard to the prototype
  • Notions of technical feasibility and benefits/dev ratio
  • Daily interactions with the R&D team

Your objectives

  • Take part in usability testing on the OpenDataSoft Platform>/li>
  • Take part in the new features design (workshops, mockups, prototypes)
  • Write conception guidelines and evangelize the team

Your are fluent in english.
You have an portfolio that shows how you work (we like process more than end result on a portfolio)

Required profile :

  • 3-5 years working as a UX Designer
  • Interested in User Research
  • Interested in working on B2B SaaS systems
  • UX designer first, if you know UI design that is a plus

The job is based in Paris and may include travels in France and abroad.
Our office is located in the XVth arrondissement of Paris.

Customer Success Positions

Customer Success Account Manager / Paris (France)

We are recruiting a Customer Success Officer to ensure that our clients get the most benefit from the OpenDataSoft platform. By becoming an expert in data valorization, you will advise and build a long-term relationship with our clients to ensure the success of their projects.

In direct contact with the Marketing and Sales teams, you will contribute to OpenDataSoft’s business development (Open Data, API, IoT, Smart City …) by building customer loyalty and identifying prescribers.

In direct contact with our customers, you will be the main interlocutor, you will try to understand their projects, their needs, their uses and the key factors of success of their platform use.

Required profile

  • Good level of English
  • Excellent relationship and positive attitude
  • Organized, motivated by accompanying clients and great listening skills
  • Ability to identify problem situations and design action plans to address them

Your objectives

  • Accompany our clients’ projects
  • Participate in the improvement of the platform by bringing the voice of the users
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Secure and increase revenues from clients

Technical Consultant / Paris (France)

As part of its expansion, OpenDataSoft is looking for a technical consultant to support and secure the onboarding process of our solution by bringing the OpenDataSoft expertise to the learning, customization and integration phases of our customers’ projects.

This position fits within the OpenDataSoft Customer Success team, which is tasked with consulting, training and customer relationship management. You will be responsible for:

  • Taking part in the analysis of functional and technical requirements
  • Accompanying customers in the platform’s onboarding process and in the implementation of their most complex projects
  • Carrying out specific developments (new format extractor, processor) while guaranteeing customer satisfaction
  • Contributing to the capitalization of specific developments and best implementation practices
  • Being a technical adviser of the OpenDataSoft solution for our customers and partners. You will work alone or as part of a team of 2/3 people max per client in close collaboration with the R&D, sales teams, and our customers in France and Europe

In having a close relationship with the R&D team and clients, you will be involved in decision-making related to the evolution of the OpenDataSoft platform. You will also bring the customers’ voices to the technical teams by analyzing and sharing their feedback, satisfactions, suggestions for improvement, or any other user wishes.

Required profile :

  • Masters Degree
  • 1 to 3 years experience in the deployment of software solutions within an integrator or a software publisher, OR software solution training, OR support and assistance with a software publisher, OR consulting / accompanying service implementation to end users
  • You are known for your sense of customer service, your interpersonal skills, rigor, and excellent organizational skills
  • Experience in development and integration of software solutions would be an asset to succeed in this position (object-oriented programming, scripting, simple HTML/javascript/CSS web development, manipulation and processing of common exchange formats XML, CSV, JSON)
  • General technical knowledge will also be appreciated (network, IoT, microcontroller, REST API, web service, client-server architecture, P2P, algorithms)

Fluency in oral and written English is required for this position.

This job is based in Paris and will include travel within France and abroad.

Marketing positions

There are no current openings, please check back soon!

Speculative applications

OpenDataSoft recrute régulièrement

Not able to find the right position for you but would like to work with us? Go ahead and send us your application if you’re interested in web application development or would like to contribute to our data-collecting framework.

Send your resume through the form below or poke us on Twitter.