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The OpenDataSoft platform plays a key role in our clients’ digital strategies in regards to centralizing information within large entities, developing applications with Open Data to improve citizens’ lives, and expanding the scope of business activities thanks to new data-based services.

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Internal & Private Data

How ENDETEC-Homerider is developing new services centered around data for its clients, thanks to dashboards from the OpenDataSoft platform?


ENDETEC-Homerider is a subsidiary of VEOLIA Water France specialized in environmental monitoring. The company conceives, develops, and rolls out sensors communicating across the water supply networks to control the quality, to optimize the network yield, and to detect possible leaks. Everyday, several million measures are collected in real-time via this dense grid of sensors, and then processed and enhanced by ENDETEC-Homerider.

In order to improve its productivity in matters of data management and to make useful and customized information available to its clients (internally within VEOLIA or externally for publicly-run water distribution systems operators), ENDETEC-Homerider chose OpenDataSoft.

It was in January 2015 that the company launched its data platform, a solution with which the VEOLIA subsidiary had already experimented for several years as part of the group’s research projects.

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Open Data

How does the Open Data initiative in the city and county of Durham allow them to better inform the population via one common portal?


Located in central North Carolina (U.S.A.), Durham County is one of the fastest growing regions in the U.S. The area is home to the world-famous Research Triangle Park, international research and development centers, and world-class universities.

In early 2013, the city and the county of Durham decided to come together to pursue an ambitious Open Data initiative. “Our community’s entrepreneurial energy and creativity gives us an advantage to innovate new ways of doing business by making information readily accessible,” said Durham City Manager Thomas J. Bonfield.

A challenge in and of itself, the partnership between both city and county governments also represented an extraordinary opportunity to bring together resources and ideas. With transparency as a major goal of the project, both entities had to find the right medium to make it easy for citizens to gain access to government data, while encouraging residents, entrepreneurs and government employees to utilize this abundance of public data for civic innovation.

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Smart City Data

How Toulouse Metropolis is placing citizen services at the center of its Smart City initiative?


To shape a viable and durable urban model, the Toulouse Metropolitan Area chose to include in full territorial actors alongside its processes, notably via thematical days with businesses, work sessions with member communes and service delegates, and even by intermediary urban plots settled around different places in the city and destined at encouraging the creation of discussion groups in neighborhoods.

The Metropolis especially chose to begin an Open Data project, without which a Smart City initiative could not be conceived. The territory opened its first data in 2011 and turned to OpenDataSoft in 2015 to launch a structured portal serving as a common data base for the entire metropolitan area.

This base now provides access to more than 270 public datasets and represents the source of reference to which many citizen applications connect to recuperate information. The data portal also is part of a toolbox that the city uses to characterize the impact of climate change, in a way in which they make good decisions in manners of urban renovation and the reduction of the population vulnerability.

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