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Data Product solution

How a smart water company accelerated its business activity by tapping into its data resources


SMARTEO WATER is an ambitious startup specialized in intelligent water supply systems. Smarteo Water developed City Flow, a data product integrating the OpenDataSoft platform at its core.

We were a team of a dozen people, and none of us were software developers by training. Developing such a solution in-house would have been a colossal investment of time and money. So, we decided to look for a platform that would allow us to develop our own interface and processors, all while ensuring it was easy for anyone to use.” said Loïc Charron, CEO at Smarteo Water.

We found 99% of the functionalities we defined as necessary for our service were already covered by OpenDataSoft.” said Loïc Charron, CEO at Smarteo Water.

Private Data Sharing solution

How Birdz uses OpenDataSoft's platform to empower clients to deliver life's most essential resource


BIRDZ is a subsidiary of VEOLIA Water France that specializes in environmental monitoring. Their sensors allow operators to control quality, protect infrastructure, and detect possible leaks. Every day, this dense grid of sensors collects millions of data points.

The challenge for Birdz is compiling and presenting these data to its customers in a way that maximizes their usefulness.

Birdz chose OpenDataSoft to develop customizable data dashboards that provide value to everyone at water distribution companies. OpenDataSoft’s platform functions as a data warehouse from which the teams at Birdz can select useful information to analyze for clients, who can then combine these data with internal and public data.

IoT and Smart City solution

How Toulouse Metropolis is placing citizen services at the center of its Smart City initiative


The Toulouse Metropolitan Area especially chose to begin an open data project, without which a Smart City initiative could not be conceived.

The territory opened its first data portal in 2011 and turned to OpenDataSoft in 2015 to launch a structured portal serving with an access to more than 270 public datasets.

The data portal also is part of a toolbox that the city uses to characterize the impact of climate change, in a way in which they make good decisions in manners of urban renovation and the reduction of the population vulnerability.

Open Data solution

Data Stories to Improve Community Engagement




The data portal of the City of Salinas features data-driven stories in both English and Spanish, underscoring the city’s emphasis on opening data to as many citizens as possible. Six specific sections have been created on the homepage to guide citizens quickly and easily to the information they need. For instance, on the Traffic and Transportation page, the city shares bicycle-related issues and provides detailed information on bicycle programs and projects to enhance bicycle safety throughout Salinas.

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