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Foundation S uses data sharing to fight childhood cancer

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Foundation S-The Sanofi Collective is the philanthropic arm of global healthcare company Sanofi. Originally begun in 2005, the My Child Matters program belongs to one of Foundation S’s four key priorities. It supports projects across low and middle income countries with the aim of giving every child with cancer an equal chance of survival.

Data is central to showing the results of the projects supported by My Child Matters, as is creating a global community around child cancer. These aims are being achieved through a data portal that shares best practices and project results.

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“At Foundation S data sharing is crucial to our objectives. Data means knowledge, knowledge drives awareness and awareness is the start point for impact. That’s why sharing our data and using it to build a global community is at the heart of the success of the My Child Matters program.”

Isabelle Villadary
Head of Childhood Cancer at Foundation S - The Sanofi Collective
Isabelle Villadary

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