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Town of Morrisville becomes a data-driven community and creates cost-effective Smart City through open data

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Situated at the heart of the North Carolina Research Triangle area, the Town of Morrisville has a population of nearly 30,000. While a relatively small municipality, Morrisville is committed to embracing smart technology and data to deliver enhanced services that attract and retain citizens and businesses.

By adopting Opendatasoft to underpin data sharing, Morrisville has been able to create a range of smart city and open data initiatives, all delivering greater internal efficiency while saving time for residents, and enabling increased innovation.

Town of Morrisville Opendatasoft
Nearly 82,000
Annual API calls

We want to use technology to enhance the lives of our citizens and the performance of our staff. That means becoming a data-driven, community-focused town. Data will drive everything in the future, so we want to make it available for everyone to use.

Billy Whitehead
Smart City Program Manager

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