Product News: AI enables intelligent semantic search and accelerates the use of large-scale data

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Analyze and accelerate your data use

Accelerate your impact by analyzing data usage through our data lineage feature. The in-depth knowledge of data flows that data lineage provides is key to successfully developing and deploying your data projects.

Understand the journey of your data

Opendatasoft’s data lineage functionality provides detailed mapping of the path your data takes within your data portal’s back office. It models the dataset journey from its creation to final destination, providing information on its origin and its different reuses internally on your data portal and externally outside your organization.

Automatically track your data’s lifecycle

Data origin and status (valid, invalid).

Relationship between datasets (federation, join).

Reuse of data (pages, datasets, maps, geographic processors, etc.).

Data modification and processing.

Visualize the mesh or network generated by the use of your data


On the business side, the data lineage feature provides key information to demonstrate the value of open data and data sharing by easily showcasing how data has been reused. On the technical side, it is a great addition to enable more robust data governance processes.

Alex Sales
Founder & Director, Peclet

Manage the use of your data

Opendatasoft’s data lineage functionality provides a complete dashboard of your data usage within the back office of your data portal. The dashboard automatically aggregates key information to instantly analyze and manage the dynamics of your portal.

Track Key Performance Indicators

Understand the needs of data consumers

Measure the number of reuses and identify the data formats your audiences prefer.

Maintain your data

Track the status of relationships and identify both high-value datasets and those requiring modification or deletion.

Identify uses

Easily discover the most or least used datasets and adapt your strategy.

Track relationships with other portals

View how much data from external sources is on your portal.

Interact in the Opendatasoft ecosystem

Identify synergies with the rest of the Opendatasoft community.

The data lineage feature significantly improves the tracking and management of our internal data portal. Intuitive and easy to use, it allows us to quickly identify changes in datasets and their repercussions, thus saving us precious time. We are very satisfied with this new feature in the platform and are already looking forward to its future developments!

Christelle Romana
Project Manager AMOA, ICF Habitat
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Accelerate the democratization of data

Applying traceability to your data usage provides you with deep, unique information and acts as a valuable decision-making tool. It allows you to better manage your projects to achieve your data sharing goals.

Demonstrate the value of your data portal

Demonstrate the value of your data portal

Tracking data usage and data portal performance indicators within your organization or in open data ecosystems helps you demonstrate the impact and ROI of your data sharing programs.

Improve maintenance of your data portal

Improve maintenance of your data portal

Automated data flow documentation reduces workloads and increases data project productivity with real-time mapping of data transformations from source to reuse.

Enforce your data sharing strategy

Enforce your data sharing strategy

Data lineage allows you to build your open data roadmap with confidence, based on insights around how your data is being used. It also enables you to take advantage of opportunities within the Opendatasoft ecosystem through our dynamic community.

From a data publisher perspective, one of the problems experienced with open data is understanding what data users are doing with the data. Whilst Opendatasoft facilitates the submission of reuses already, this new data lineage feature provides additional insight into the maps and charts that users have built whilst maintaining user anonymity, that we would not have known about. This adds to the value of open data.

Yiu-Shing Pang
Open data manager, UK Power Networks
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