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Mo’mix Solutions and Opendatasoft Partnership

Opendatasoft’s product integration provides Mo’mix Solutions customers easy to use data technology embedded with Mo’mix Performance Center to offer one platform to easily leverage and securely share information.

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April 2, 2018 – BOSTON, MA and AUSTIN, TX – Today, Mo’mix Solutions and Opendatasoft announced a partnership that combines the best-in-class technologies of both companies to offer one platform that empowers public sector local and state representatives to use their data to plan, measure, and engage staff, management, and citizens.

At the municipality and state levels, representatives increasingly look to blend and utilize data in order to improve outcomes and communication inside their teams and with their communities. Residents seek budget and financial transparency to understand how their representatives manage their locality.

When local governments open their strategic goals aligned to their budget priorities and financial management, it is a key asset for the community. An open, transparent and accountable government has the power to transform residents’ assumptions about how the public budget is spent towards outcomes realized.

“Mo’mix Solutions is pleased to be partnering with Opendatasoft and embedding their technology to offer our clients an even more robust solution that supports local leaders ability to leverage the use of their data for better decision making and engagement with their residents.” said Erin Latham, President of Mo’mix Solutions.

Mo’mix Solutions integrated the Opendatasoft platform with their Performance Center MyGovCenter application to provide a data publishing and visualization tool for local governments’ internal and external use. This integrated solution makes data accessible to the broadest range of users in easy-to-read and easy-to-use formats from simple tables to advanced mapping and visualization tools.

“We’re excited to empower Mo’Mix Performance Center solution. The integration of the two technologies, combined with our interactive publishing dashboards and visualization tools will empower cities to achieve budget and financial transparency. The Opendatasoft platform’s ability to produce powerful Application Programming Interfaces (API) is also a key differentiator to unlock the reuse of local and state’s information” said Franck Carassus, COO and co-founder of Opendatasoft.

Mo’mix now offers an all-in-one solution with the Performance Center Cloud Suite of applications. This Enterprise Performance Budget, Planning and Reporting Solution is designed to meet the unique reporting and management needs of Government and Higher Education organizations. Mo’mix offers embedded templates with the Opendatasoft technology to develop visualization tools such as the Open Checkbook Key Performance Indicator. This tool offers powerful data visualization focusing on the global budget spent, payroll, capital, operational costs, and debt spending. Any data can be transformed into a variety of user-friendly visualizations to provide more informed decision-making and better outcomes for the public. Public Sector organizations can easily access the Open Checkbook and ready-to-use KPI templates for advanced data publishing, mapping and visualization. The goal with these templates is to help organizations cost effectively share their own context and tell their own stories.

This new global Performance Center solution is tailored to help local and state public sector professionals in their daily work. It is especially useful for professionals such as a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, Budget Director, Grant Director, Public Information Officer to County Auditors and City Managers.

Mo’mix Solutions offers the only cloud-based software-as-a-service (SAAS) suite of government and education performance management products including a Budget Planning and Business Intelligence suite of solutions. With the Performance Center platform, organizations experience simplified budget planning, enriched strategic planning and greater fiscal health management where outcomes and data can be easily shared with the public. Performance Center powers organizations big and small such as King County, WA, Brazoria County and Williamson County, TX. For more information, visit or follow company news on Twitter via @MoMixSolutions.

Opendatasoft is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) company that offers a turnkey data platform based on the cloud and helps organizations achieve three main goals: data hub and open data, performance management, and smart cities. With clients in 17 countries, Opendatasoft has been ranked by IT research giants, Gartner and IDC, as the leading powerhouse for data collection, cleaning, analytics, visualization, and sharing. The company is also a GovTech100 company. Opendatasoft has recently initiated public-private partnerships with cities and companies such as Waze, GE and AT&T to develop smart city initiatives based on the Opendatasoft platform. Headquartered in Boston, MA, Opendatasoft already powers open data portals for many municipalities and agencies – including the North Carolina Department of Commerce, Chapel Hill, and Town of Cary in North Carolina. For more information, visit or follow company news on Twitter via @Opendatasoft.

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