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Publish your data

Make your data freely consumable with a single tool. Publish up-to-date and easily reusable data, and segment its access internally and externally, completely securely, all through our platform.

Our key features

From dataset administration...

  •  Publication of datasets
  •  Metadata management
  • Dataset governance and security
  • Customizing dataset appearance

... to their exploration by the stakeholders you choose

  •  Single point of access
  • Multilingual datasets
  • Search + advanced browsing

A customized exploration experience

Make your data accessible via a single tool

Give your community of users access to structured, immediately reusable datasets, all in one place and available through self-service.

Offer your catalog in multiple languages without weighing it down

Translate the metadata and fields of a dataset without creating a copy per language. Expand the audience of your catalog while maintaining the interoperability of your data.

Search through your catalog with efficiency and precision

Help your users find the most relevant datasets to meet their needs. Guide them and let them customize how they explore your data by providing text search facilities and the ability to refine their search through thematic filters.

Reliable datasets

Continuously track datasets that are not yet published and those that require processing operations in order to make targeted changes.

At a glance, see all your unlicensed, thematic, or producer-filled datasets, and fill in missing information.

Once your dataset is published, you can edit it directly from its exploration interface.

Use our supervision tool to identify datasets that need to be updated regularly or occasionally, according to the cycles you define upstream.

Comprehensive metadata to promote reuse of your data

Standard metadata
Standard metadata

Contextualize your datasets with generic and geographic information that will facilitate its indexing by web search engines or by your organization’s IT systems.

DCAT and Inspire metadata
DCAT and Inspire metadata

Add metadata that complies with the formats recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the European Union for open data.

Custom metadata
Custom metadata

Create metadata adapted to your organization’s culture and to the business vocabulary used by your teams.

Data reuse licenses
Data reuse licenses

Associate a license to your dataset in one click. Choose from three standardized and pre-registered licenses on the platform: CC BY-SA, Open Database License (ODbL) and Open License (Etalab).

How to choose and describe metadata

We created this guide to help you improve the quality of your metadata and ensure your data gets reused.

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Segmented and secure access to your data

Control the visibility of your datasets

  • Make all of your datasets public or private with a single click.
  • Control access to each dataset.
  • Determine by user the content they can see in any dataset.

Co-create a data hub with your partners

  • Each partner synchronizes and keeps control of their datasets,
  • Everyone benefits from an expanded user base

Allow your colleagues to collaborate on your datasets

  • Create user groups
  • Give them different permissions to create, publish and modify datasets, along with the ability to manage their visibility themselves.

Find your use case

An open data portal containing datasets visible and accessible only to the users you choose.

A hub intended for your team, with a selection of datasets accessible to other teams.

A hub restricted to your organization with datasets made available to your partners or customers.

A hub managed centrally that provides separate hubs specific to different business units

Separate hubs designed for each of your customers, administered using a central hub.

A shared hub for you and your partners, with each party controlling the content and visibility of their own datasets.

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