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Open Data Discussions Podcast: The Commonwealth of Virginia

In this edition of our "Open Data Discussions" podcast we spoke with Anthony Fung, who told us more about the open data project in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Welcome to the Opendatasoft Leadership Podcast Series, “Open Data Discussions”. Each month, Jason Hare, our Open Data Evangelist, features a different open data program around the country to discuss what has made it successful. These examples will provide insights and strategies that you can implement in your own city.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Anthony Fung, Deputy Secretary of Technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia for the fifth podcast in our series.

Anthony discussed various subjects, including:

  • – What role does open data play in policy making at the state level in Virginia?
  • – Does his department work on ensuring open data quality? What are some of the steps he makes in ensuring sound data governance?
  • – How did Virginia come up with this technology and engagement solutions? How, for example, did you get the Governor to come to so many DataThons?


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Special thanks to:

Special Guest: Anthony Fung, Deputy Secretary of Technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia

Organizer: Jason Hare, Open Data Evangelist, Opendatasoft

Music: “So Low” by Art of Escapism is licensed under CC BY SA

Links: Commonwealth of Virginia open data portal

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