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Data on Board: a deep dive into our clients’ most innovative data projects

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Find out more about our customers' most innovative projects during our Data on Board conference, on December 7th at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris.

Lauréline Saux
Brand content manager, Opendatasoft
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For the past 10 years, Opendatasoft has been helping companies and public organizations democratize their data, both internally and externally, Today, ODS has:

  • Helped create 2,000+ data projects in more than 25 countries.
  • Shared 25,000+ data sets on our data hub to enrich your data experiences.
  • Made available 600+ general interest data sets to help with your projects.

To illustrate this journey, we will be showcasing some of our customers’ most innovative projects during our Data on Board conference, on December 7th at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris.

You will hear first hand from customers from multiple sectors via presentations throughout the day, as well as through an exhibition of 10 essential data experiences from the last 10 years. Here is a sneak preview of what you’ll find at the event.

For more information on the highlights of Data on Board and why you should attend, read our blog article here.

Ecomesure specializes in instrumentation, connected systems, and SaaS web services for monitoring and analyzing air quality and environmental data. Using Opendatasoft allows the company to collect, enrich, publish and share its data.

During the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ecomesure created and published dashboards that showed the results of air quality monitoring in real-time. Since CO2 concentration and air circulation both have a direct impact on the spread of the virus, it was vital to make this information available to as many people as possible, in order to inform planning and public safety activities.

At Data on Board 2021, you will be able to view real-time air quality analysis reports from within the Gaîté Lyrique itself. Alexis Nollet and Laurine Nicolas will tell you more about this project on the Ecomesure stand.

Michelin collects unique, very high quality data, such as around the physical braking of vehicles. The quality of this data is invaluable to data mobility players, allowing them to create and train machine learning algorithms for future applications.

To make it straightforward to access its unique technical data, Michelin uses the Opendatasoft solution, developing visualization portals that are easily shareable and understandable by all. This allows the brand to use its data to create new services that it can then resell to increase revenues.

At Data on Board come along to attend a live presentation of a new project developed exclusively by Michelin for the event, as well as being able to discuss the company’s wider strategy for creating new data services by unlocking internal information.

SFR anonymizes all the data of its users’ SIM cards, which it then analyzes to provide insights into the movement and behavior of people across France. This approach has enabled SFR to create a new service: SFR Geostatistics, which enables organizations to buy data or expertise from the SFR team, when they are carrying out new development projects, such as choosing where to site a new car park, for example.

To generate these new data services, the SFR team has chosen to work with Opendatasoft and has chosen to use the tool to create a portal providing understandable data and insights on trends in land use.

During Data on Board, you can view the dashboards created by SFR to allow communities, tourism, event and retail professionals to study the movement of people and adapt their strategies and services accordingly. Soudabeh Serre and Henri de Lacvivier will share their experiences on the SFR stand.

Since 2018, the city of Orléans has been developing multiple data projects, as it looks to improve internal collaboration, provide valuable insights to its partners, and share information more widely with residents and visitors to the city.

  • Its private Datamétro internal portal shares monitoring data from around the city, such as from webcams, information from the city’s market and waste collection.
  • The Datahub portal, shares information on the city’s work to increase digital inclusion, such as by highlighting the development of business incubators.
  • The public Open Data portal allows users to research the city’s associations, COVID screening centers, or even to find out more about the city’s gardens. The portal also provides data from L’Agence nationale des fréquences (ANFR)’s new project which is monitoring levels of electromagnetic waves in the city, ahead of the 5G rollout.

Come along and see demos of these three different portals and hear Jérémy Bauchet and Nadine Poisson discuss the city of Orléans’ data strategy.

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