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Spare-it – a Catalyst for Sustainability in the Workplaces

Thanks to its connected scale and the data it generates, Spare-it helps organizations engage employees to reduce their environmental impact and foster a corporate sustainability culture.

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Spare-it is dedicated to acting as a sustainability catalyst within the workplace. Companies face increasing expectations to show their sustainability leadership by making environmentally and socially responsible decisions in their daily operations. Today many employees choose their company based on its commitment to sustainability. Waste reduction is one of the key initiatives present in most Corporate Social Responsibility strategies.

Spare-it developed the first connected scale that automatically tracks companies’ daily waste production. Spare-it helps companies use this data to raise awareness, engage employees through challenges and events, and support waste reduction initiatives.

The Spare-it smart scale is deployed under the different kinds of bins, and, once installed, automatically tracks the different waste streams (trash, recycling, compost). The Spare-it solution processes waste data in real time, conducting analysis and visualization in order to provide clients with live dashboards, and regular, weekly and monthly reports that capture their organization’s waste footprint.

As a key player in the Greentech ecosystem, Spare-it needed to turn the data they generate into valuable analysis and decisions. Their connected device and app was only the first piece of the puzzle: they needed a platform to automatically aggregate information across the organizations they work with, clean and visualize the data, and share it with end users.

In partnership with Opendatasoft, Spare-it launched a cloud-based platform to collect, share, visualize, and analyze waste data, all on one centralized portal. The platform provides access to waste data with a user-friendly interface. Organizations can track and visualize waste data by stream and by location in real time so that everyone in the organization can see the amount of waste generated and remain goal-focused.


The Opendatasoft platform enables Spare-it to provide the following benefits to the organizations they work with:

  • One platform for all waste data from across the organization: The Spare-it smart scale pushes data in real time to its corresponding data portal. Thanks to Opendatasoft tools, the portal automatically collects, consolidates and publishes live data from any scale Spare-it has deployed. Organizations can now see in real time how different departments and teams generate waste and organize challenges between departments to engage employees.
  • Accessible data with interactive visualization: The dashboard provides a one-stop view of key waste figures and trends for each kind of waste generated in a specific location and organization-wide statistics. Authorized users from the organization can connect to the platform to consult and analyze the waste data in real time through tables, graphs and maps.
  • Data sharing and diffusion: The platform also offers features to export, reuse or share trash data. The built-in API and widgets allow organizations to quickly develop new projects and services.

By embedding the Opendatasoft solution, Spare-it now enables organizations to offer employees a more sustainable environment supported by precise data. Users benefit not only from the Spare-it smart scale and app, but also from a powerful platform that makes real-time waste data easy to access, analyze, and share. This innovative package is very effective and has helped companies reduce their waste by up to 50%, take sustainable decisions to optimize the workplace and engage their employees by up to 80%.

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