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Anne-Claire Bellec
17 January 2023
What will 2023 bring for those of us working in the world of data? What are the key trends people need to be aware of? We’ve collected the opinions and predictions of a range of experts, including Forrester, Gartner, Microsoft and McKinsey, and have shared them below in our blog.
03 April 2017
Read this article to learn about Amsterdam's Energy Atlas project and how the city uses urban data to build a more sustainable city.
29 March 2017
Recent development efforts have made HTTPS activation completely automatic and effortless for Opendatasoft customers, enhancing security for everyone.
16 March 2017
This article provides an introduction to open government and why it's important. It also highlights some best practices for opening up government data so that your project succeeds and provides value to both government and citizens.
14 March 2017
This blog post gives an overview of how low-cost sensors, mobile apps, and open data platforms are helping citizens, researchers and policy-makers alike to better understand the nature, impact and state of air quality.
07 March 2017
How you present your data is crucial to engage with a larger public. This blog post is all about custom view features for your data dashboard and how they will make your data more relevant.
28 February 2017
Open Data, Big Data, Data Science, and Algorithms: what's the connection between these four very different subjects?
16 February 2017
Any data or content that is free to use and distributed falls under the idea of open data. Let's dive deeper and answer this question: what is open data?
10 January 2017
Let's take a step back and have a look at what the differences between data platforms are, notably to describe where the Opendatasoft platform stands out.
Nicolas Terpolilli
27 December 2016
Open data is nothing more than a way to spread data. As there are plenty of different kinds of distribution networks, we can imagine several ways to grant easy access to data that are ready to be reused. We’ve been working on such a distribution architecture, and it looks like terraces.
13 November 2016
At Opendatasoft, we decided to go ahead and, in the spirit of what we do best, build a map using open data of the United States Presidential and Congressional Election results.
25 October 2016
Press release – Opendatasoft Announces continued expansion in France and Europe as well as opening of North American Headquarters in Boston; Reinforces its position as a Global Player in the Data Revolution.
Nicolas Terpolilli
21 September 2016
In order to support the growing attractiveness of your portal, we've just made new tools available to measure your open data portal's impact and analyze your users' interactions with your data.
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