Lauréline Saux
16 November 2021
Find out more about our customers' most innovative projects during our Data on Board conference, on December 7th at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris.
03 September 2020
Eight months after the first case of Covid-19, we’re taking a look at our experiences in helping governments and non-profit organizations find, manage and share data during a global health crisis.
01 September 2020
2020 did not turn out exactly like I imagined. Otherwise, I would be sitting at my desk at the United Nations Environment Programme HQ in Nairobi, Kenya, drafting content for the UNEP global social media accounts, and contributing to the sustainability cause as a global citizen. 
Agata C. Hidalgo
25 August 2020
Data regulation, internet governance, platform economics, decentralized finance, digital sovereignty… How do you access the thriving world of digital innovation when you are not a coding geek?
24 August 2020
Eight local councils in Western Parkland City have joined a collaboration with Opendatasoft and Peclet Technology to launch their public data sharing portals. These portals will support the Western Sydney City Deal’s vision in delivering liveability, productivity, and sustainability for the fast growing community.
18 August 2020
Data is changing the way we work. In our previous monthly interview series, we discussed how data is changing the way we research, tell stories, and even write poetry. Today, we are digging into a new domain: governance.
Eric Reese
Data without context is meaningless. When presented with data, most people immediately ask a variety of questions, such as: Where did it come from? When was it last updated? Who is responsible for maintaining it? Metadata can answer these questions and many more.
Eric Reese
12 August 2020
APIs are everywhere and extremely powerful. They allow data, products, and processes to work together seamlessly. They are also critical for cities, which produce high volumes of data from services, devices, apps, and objects everyday. What does this really look like in practice?
Chloé Van Dooren
06 August 2020
Introducing with two of our data hunters: Audrey and Cécile. They’ll tell us all about their jobs and even describe one of their current tasks: hunting for data on Covid-19. Here we go!
03 August 2020
Most companies use PDF and Excel in their everyday operation. Although they are powerful tools for information processing, they fall short when it comes to meeting the needs of data exploitation or improving the efficiency and communication of employees. To optimize the use of data, we must replace the simple office software with high-performance data sharing platforms.
Chloé Van Dooren
29 July 2020
The Open Government Data Basel-Stadt (OGD) team is convinced that data sharing is necessary to build the future of our society. Let's hear it from them!
27 July 2020
“Smart City” has become a buzzword in the last ten years, inundated with various meanings and implications. This article will answer this question for the telecommunication sector and provide insights on how they can empower smart cities and communities.
23 July 2020
In today's world, no sector can afford to ignore the exponential growth of data. From smartphones to a myriad of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, data is everywhere - and not always private. The plethora of collected raw data should be easily transformed into valuable information that serves everyone, without having to call on an expert.
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