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Anne-Claire Bellec
17 January 2023
What will 2023 bring for those of us working in the world of data? What are the key trends people need to be aware of? We’ve collected the opinions and predictions of a range of experts, including Forrester, Gartner, Microsoft and McKinsey, and have shared them below in our blog.
Lauréline Saux
27 March 2023
Data dashboards enable this sharing and therefore underpin decision-making. What are the advantages and potential uses of data dashboards? How can you build the best data dashboards for your organization? Find out more in this article.
Anne-Claire Bellec
28 February 2023
To meet challenges around transparency, efficiency and accountability, central and local government organizations need to embrace data across their operations. How can they ensure that they successfully share data through self-service with all employees, elected officials, other government departments and external partners?
Anne-Claire Bellec
20 February 2023
Companies and public sector bodies are all at different stages of their data sharing journey. How can they learn from each other and apply the lessons to accelerate data democratization? To help, our new blog shares best practices from 5 data pioneers.
Anne-Claire Bellec
06 February 2023
Increasing energy data usage drives greater efficiency, collaboration and innovation within utilities themselves, and across the entire sector. However, sharing data more widely with other stakeholders, from local government to start-ups enables true data democratization and offers even deeper benefits for individual organizations and society as a whole.
Anne-Claire Bellec
23 January 2023
Open data is vital to meet the growing needs of citizens, consumers and other stakeholders for increased public sector transparency. How are countries reacting to these demands? Learn more in the European Commission's 2022 Open Data Maturity report.
Audrey Prevost
13 December 2022
Opendatasoft’s unique all-in-one data experience platform is continually being extended to help our clients turn their data into value. We explain key tech advances we’ve made in 2022 and look ahead to our development objectives for 2023.
Lauréline Saux
21 November 2022
The Opendatasoft Data hub is a platform that gathers more than 29,000 open data datasets published by public and private sector organizations. It also hosts more than 600 reference datasets, maintained and updated by our teams.
Anne-Claire Bellec
24 October 2022
While data use and sharing is growing, it doesn’t mean that your data project will automatically get the senior management backing it needs to be successful. What are the challenges to having your project signed-off and how can they be overcome?
Lauréline Saux
17 October 2022
The combination of Denodo and Opendatasoft offers organizations a unique solution, combining the flexibility and performance of data virtualization with the power of data sharing to enable all teams, expert or not, to create and distribute digital data experiences to fuel their internal and/or external ecosystems.
Anne-Claire Bellec
16 August 2022
However, how data is used and how projects should be structured greatly varies between sectors. To understand how to deploy large-scale data projects that generate value, we interviewed Mick Levy, Director of Business Innovation at Business & Decision.
Lauréline Saux
22 July 2022
We can all easily access, create and share photos, messages, and videos every day. Yet we can’t simply access and consume data in the same way. Increasing data access and making it available for everyone to use therefore provides a real opportunity to increase value.
Anne-Claire Bellec
04 July 2022
In today’s complex world, no one player has all the answers. Collaboration is therefore key to driving innovation, meeting customer needs and solving global mega-challenges in every sector. Drawing on the experiences of our customer Schneider Electric, our blog therefore examines the concept of co-innovation, and why data democratization is essential to its success.
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