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Anne-Claire Bellec
06 June 2023
Opendatasoft has launched its unique, innovative data lineage feature. Focused on usage, it allows organizations to better understand how their data is used internally and externally, across data ecosystems, while improving the ease and efficiency of data portal management.
Kiki Li
16 July 2020
Access to data is changing the way we work. Discover the fourth interview of our monthly series looking to capture the power of data at work. We interviewed urban sociologist Tommaso Vitale, Tenured Professor at Sciences Po to find out more.
Chloé Van Dooren
23 June 2020
Are you familiar with "island energy systems"? These "isolated" areas represent a real challenge in terms of electricity supply. The use of digital tools such as open data has the power to help overcome this challenge... Let's see how!
Chloé Van Dooren
20 May 2020
After discovering the Product Team (with Sébastien) and the CSM Team (with James), let's now turn our attention to the Sales Team, and in particular, Opendatasoft employee Clara.  
Chloé Van Dooren
11 March 2020
James is part of the Customer Success team at our Boston office in the United States. But what, exactly, is a "customer success manager?" We sat down with James, one of the latest recruits to join the CSM team, to uncover the secrets of this profession.
28 October 2019
We interviewed Chelsea Collier, Founder at Digi.City, to hear about her thoughts on the role that communities and technology have to play in the process of building smart cities.
03 September 2019
Interview with Pierre-Philippe Cormeraie from Groupe BPCE. Who are the main beneficiaries of Groupe BPCE's data sharing project? 
16 January 2019
Earlier this year the City of Kingston (Canada) launched a new data portal and we organized an interview with Scott Tulk, Technology Solutions Architect in Information Systems and Technology, to learn more about this local data initiative.
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