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Anne-Claire Bellec
06 June 2023
Opendatasoft has launched its unique, innovative data lineage feature. Focused on usage, it allows organizations to better understand how their data is used internally and externally, across data ecosystems, while improving the ease and efficiency of data portal management.
Lauréline Saux
13 February 2023
Since 2011, our Customer Success teams have worked with a range of public sector bodies and large enterprises, supporting more than 2,500 data projects in 25 countries. Our team is committed to quickly empowering our users to help them get the best from our platform, to facilitating collaboration with their stakeholders around data, and supporting them to achieve their strategic and operational goals.
Anne-Claire Bellec
28 November 2022
What are the practical steps that organizations need to take when it comes to data governance? How can they ensure their programs deliver real business benefits? To learn the secrets of data governance success we interviewed industry expert Nicola Askham.
Anne-Claire Bellec
16 August 2022
However, how data is used and how projects should be structured greatly varies between sectors. To understand how to deploy large-scale data projects that generate value, we interviewed Mick Levy, Director of Business Innovation at Business & Decision.
Anne-Claire Bellec
12 May 2022
Organizations across the world are increasingly looking at how they can turn their data into value by sharing it with their internal and external communities. To find out what is happening in the Australian market we interviewed Opendatasoft partner Peclet Technology.
Pauline Montay
01 March 2022
Our customers now enjoy improved connection features for retrieving data from a variety of sources, including SharePoint and Google Drive, and for quickly creating datasets. We sat down with Coralie Lohéac, the project’s coordinator, to find out more.
Anne-Claire Bellec
22 February 2022
The energy sector is at the forefront of the move to cutting emissions and limiting global warming. We interviewed Matt Webb of electricity distribution network and system operator UK Power Networks to learn how open data is driving transformation and building a Net Zero future.
31 January 2022
Opendatasoft recently launched ODS Studio, a no-code tool for creating data visualizations, to complement our existing HTML page editor. To learn more we talked to Benoît Fortuné, the Product Manager who led this project
Pauline Montay
17 September 2021
How are we measuring our customers’ satisfaction and what are we doing to improve it? Let's discuss this with Ysée Rogé, our VP Customer Services.
02 November 2020
I recently met with Pauline Montay from our Marketing team to learn more about Data on Board's “Product,” “Tech,” and “User” tracks. One thing is clear: these sessions will help you develop your data hero powers and increase your data’s value!
Kiki Li
18 August 2020
“Better data is better policy.” -- Rudi Borrman, Deputy Director of Open Government Partnership Local. In this article, we interviewed him about how open data is changing governance in Argentina and the future of public policy.
Chloé Van Dooren
06 August 2020
Introducing with two of our data hunters: Audrey and Cécile. They’ll tell us all about their jobs and even describe one of their current tasks: hunting for data on Covid-19. Here we go!
29 July 2020
The Open Government Data Basel-Stadt (OGD) team is convinced that data sharing is necessary to build the future of our society. Let's hear it from them!
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