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Opendatasoft Support

Our Customer Success teams support you everyday, helping you achieve your goals and ensuring the success of your data projects.

Our approach

Listening and customizing

Steering and agility

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Empowerment and results

Since 2011, our Customer Success teams have supported more than 2000 data projects in over 25 countries. Our teams are committed to helping our customers at every stage of their projects, from strategy, deployment and analysis to continuous improvement. Their mission: to quickly empower our customers to use our platform effectively, facilitate collaboration with their stakeholders around data, and to help them achieve their strategic and operational goals

Sylvain Ornetti
Head of Customer Success & Solutions, Opendatasoft

Close support for managing your projects

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) at Opendatasoft (ODS) is:

Your trusted partner

Involved from the beginning of your project, your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is your key contact at Opendatasoft and your day-to-day partner. Skilled in the most effective project management methods, your CSM will help you decide the key factors that drive the success of your project and will monitor its progress and performance at regular intervals.

Your daily advisor

Through a deep understanding of your business challenges and the role of data in meeting them, the CSM is able to share their expertise, helping you benefit from the ODS platform to meet your strategic and operational goals. With the CSM’s help, you’ll quickly get up to speed on all of our functions and features.

Your voice at Opendatasoft

Your CSM understands how you’re using the platform now and where you want to go in the future. They focus on collecting user feedback and suggestions for future development, sharing them across ODS, helping drive continuous improvement.

Your project's #1 ambassador

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) offers recommendations and trains your teams to accelerate the spread of a data-centric culture in your organization. As an ambassador for your project at Opendatasoft, they connect you to our marketing team to communicate your successes and highlight the public availability of your data.

Those who say it best...

Our CSMs have developed a special relationship with our customers. Hear from our customers and their CSMs as they talk about their partnerships.

The ODS Experience

UK Power Networks

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Customer satisfaction at the core of our work


Our overal support


Our tech support


Our Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Saas companies average score: 30

Why the Net Promoter Score is important at Opendatasoft

How are we measuring our customers’ satisfaction and what are we doing to improve it? Let's discuss this with Ysée Rogé, our VP Customer Services.

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Customized technical support on demand

A combination of skills

Most of our users don’t have a technical background, and that’s no problem! Your CSM can apply the expertise of Opendatasoft’s teams and our partners to provide your projects with strong technical capabilities. To do so:

  • Your CSM works closely with our Labs team, enabling them to call on the expertise of our talented designers, UX experts and developers to help your projects.
  • Our Labs team has built a ready-to-use code library, allowing you to build your own pages in expert mode.

Our technical teams can help you carry out projects such as:


Application development.
We build applications and websites to help you deliver different search and data exploration experiences to your users.

Custom page design
We help you editorialize your data and enable effective reporting via KPI dashboards, statistical observatories, data stories, and timeline visualizations.

Visual customization of your portal
We develop a design theme that matches your brand guidelines, supporting a consistent experience.

The Fresh & Local project

The application Fresh and Local was designed by our Labs team for the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in close collaboration with the account’s CSM. Backed by a catalog of open data, it allows everyone to locate fresh produce for sale near their home.

Customized support from our team:

A unique design
Browsing via search filters selected from a drop-down menu
A full-screen map with geolocation

Discover the app

Our additional resources

Technical support

  • A response time of under 24 hours
  • An experienced team, 100% composed of ODS developers
  • Strong collaboration between our customer and support teams

Help hub

  • A comprehensive user guide on the platform’s features
  • Complete documentation on Opendatasoft’s APIs

ODS Academy

  • Themed courses on data management, data storytelling, data usage, etc.
  • Step-by-step courses designed for specific user profiles
  • A library of quick tips and targeted resources
  • Sources of inspiration offered for and by our customer community

The Opendatasoft team is particularly responsive! I’m not a technical data person but whenever I drop them a line I get a response very quickly. I’ve had a lot of similar feedback from people within the council. With Opendatasoft, you do not only get a quality product, but you also get a quality after sale service. That’s key for me. That’s the robustness, the power behind the product.

Marius Jennings
Open Data Project Manager, Bristol City Council

The ODS Community

Become a customer and join an active community of data producers and reusers to benefit from their experience.

User Clubs

Take part in peer meetings, in person and remotely, to share your best practices and meet the daily challenges of democratizing data in your ecosystems.

Community Slack

Chat whenever you want with other data project managers in our online discussion space, open to Opendatasoft customers in all countries.

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