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10 Reasons to register for Data on Board 2020

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The wait is almost over! Data on Board, the annual event that brings together data sharing lovers, is set to take place on November 5th. Given the circumstances, we have decided to make the event 100% online this year.

Chloé Van Dooren
Marketing , Opendatasoft
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The wait is almost over! Data on Board, the annual event that brings together data sharing lovers, is set to take place on November 5th. Given the circumstances, we have decided to make the event 100% online this year.

At first, the Opendatasoft team was a little bit disappointed. We loved holding the event at Station F in Paris and meeting you in person. However we quickly saw the silver lining to this unique situation.

The main advantage? No longer confined to a physical space, we can reach far more people than if the event had taken place in Paris. With a online event, just like recycling, the possibilities for “connecting” are endless.

Moreover, despite the new format, we’ve got a five-star event ready for your. Keep reading to discover how Data on Board 2020 can provide you with concrete and effective solutions for working with data. Speakers will focus on user feedback and offer tips on how to use (and reuse) data. We hope the event will leave you feeling motivated and full of new ideas. 

Not registered yet? Here are 10 reasons to convince you to click on the registration button…We look forward to seeing you there!

1. A fantastic theme

You may have seen it on the social networks – this year’s theme is heroism. We know that each of you has an inner data hero, and we intend to bring it out on November 5th.

You may be thinking the word “hero” is a bit much… Let our speakers change your mind! Find out how optimizing data use can provide a number of undeniable benefits, including increased efficiency, improved communication, and more effective policies…which in turn have a positive impact on our way of life.

2. Inspirational speakers on our Main Stage

The Main Stage will welcome a variety of data heroes encompassing the various business areas and use cases covered by our profession.

With everything ranging from energy data management to the modernization of government agencies, including the impact of mobility data on public policies,  country attractiveness and much more, there’s a topic for all interests and needs.

3. Speakers from around the world

Data on Board speakers embody the Opendatasoft team’s international makeup.

You’ll hear speakers from France as well as Australia, Spain, the United States, and Canada. We know how inspiring it is for our customers to see what’s happening beyond their own borders, which is why we’re pleased to present speakers from all over the world.

In fact, that’s what Data on Board 2020 is all about: being able to bring people together with just a few clicks.

4. Practical tips brought to you by our “Empowering Users” workshops

For the past two years, our colleague Pauline has been organizing events for our users. These “user clubs” are the perfect opportunity to discuss common issues and learn from each other’s use cases. These events have been so successful that we decided to emulate them at Data on Board 2019. For those of you who were there last year, you may remember the “Junior Stage” which was dedicated to practical data tips.

Always packed to the rafters, the legendary Junior Stage will play an even bigger role at this year’s event thanks to our “Empowering Users” workshops:

  • How to make your work stand out with meaningful dataviz
  • You, me and data: a powerful team leading an organization through change
  • Data doesn’t tell lies when it comes to ESG accountability
  • Building data stories for your community: Are you a good narrator?

5. A great chance to network

You can use the “People” tab to initiate private conversations and even exchange contact information with other participants. Don’t be shy – don’t forget you’re a data hero!

6. Data hero goodies

After you register (and with your permission), we’ll send a special event package right to your doorstep! For now, the contents are a secret…we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise! All I can say is that our Jennifer, our graphic designer, is putting together a range of amazing goodies which, we are sure, you’ll find much use for.

7. 100% tech topics

Interested in the technical side of data? Our Marketing and R&D teams joined forces to come up with (inspiring!) technical topics.

Remember last year’s “Demo Bar?” This year, we’ve turned it into a “Product Track”! In this virtual room, you’ll perfect your knowledge of the platform thanks to expert tips from the ODS team members. Here are the topics that will be discussed:

  • SharePoint, Google Drive and more: taking connectivity to the next level
  • Demo: how to manage my portal’s users and permissions
  • How to translate the same dataset into several languages

The ODS team has also arranged a “Tech Track” led by speakers to introduce and explore all the latest data-related developments.

  • Data pipelines and georeference indexes: data quality is a matter of continuity
  • Semantic mapping auto-generation: a dream soon to come true?
  • Infrastructure scalability in times of pandemic

8. The incredible vibe

We promise you won’t be bored on November 5th! There may be no grandiose decoration or “petits fours”, but we plan to take full advantage of Hopin’s features to keep you entertained. For now, however, mum’s the word!

We will also set up an aream specifically for networking with our Sales team. They look forward to meeting you and answering all your questions!

9. The opening keynote

We’re thrilled to welcome Axelle Lemaire as a Data on Board speaker. Axelle’s background is nothing short of impressive.

French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs from 2014 to 2017, Axelle spearheaded the Law for a Digital Republic which affects most of our customers. Today, Axelle is the Director of Terra Numerata at Roland Berger (a global strategy consulting firm).

Terra Numerata is a platform designed for the digital world (startups and tech companies) with the goal of offering the best in innovation to public and private organizations.

We look forward to hearing Axelle explain the importance of circulation and strategic use of data in today’s economy and society.

10. No dress code

With more and more of us now working remotely, office dress code has undergone a complete transformation. While we sometimes miss our work outfits, you have got to admit that spending the whole day in your sweats is really quite comfy. This year’s Data on Board dress code will be home casual. In other words, you can attend whenever and from wherever you want… and dressed however you please!

Data on Board 2020 in a nutshell

Data on Board 2020 will allow you to network with others who share your passion for data sharing. It will help you become more efficient in your use of the platform as well as enable you to share your experience and learn from the experience of others. Finally, and above all, it is an event where hundreds of data heroes will connect to each other from the four corners of the world.

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