Lauréline Saux
16 November 2021
Find out more about our customers' most innovative projects during our Data on Board conference, on December 7th at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris.
Agata C. Hidalgo
28 April 2021
Industrial actors have a major role to play in global efforts to cut carbon emissions, but how can industry satisfy its rising energy needs while meeting climate targets? The answer is energy efficiency through data. Read more to find out how.
Daphnée Bestel
06 March 2021
10 members of the Opendatasoft team tell their story with open data, an opportunity to discover data from various horizons: chocolate, Australian beaches, air quality, local products... or even sheep!
Pauline Montay
01 March 2021
Privacy and cookie regulations also apply to data portals. The Opendatasoft platform allows you to comply with them, thanks to ready-to-use templates.
Agata C. Hidalgo
25 February 2021
Have you ever thought about using open data for food and agriculture? Let’s take a trip around the world to look at innovative data-driven agriculture projects in different countries - you might be surprised at the various innovative ways we rely on data in the agricultural value chain, from the farm to your table.
Agata C. Hidalgo
04 February 2021
In the relaxing seaside town of Pesaro, central Italy, moving around has never been more convenient – nor more sustainable. Imagine looking for a parking spot, paying for the actual time you occupied it, renting a bike, finding your way through the Bicipolitana – through just one app.
Agata C. Hidalgo
26 January 2021
2020 has been both a good and a bad year for gender equality in the workplace. On the one hand, there have never been more women in senior management positions, on the other hand women have been disproportionately affected by remote working, layoffs, and furloughs. What perspectives for 2021?
Pauline Montay
05 January 2021
If you’ve spent time roaming through our Data Network,, you know how vast and comprehensive our catalog of datasets is. Learn our best practices.
Chloé Van Dooren
22 December 2020
2020... What a year! We've lived through a year full of unexpected twists, most of which were not exactly cheery. It's time for a recap of this past year... and to highlight 20 reasons for Opendatasoft to celebrate.
08 December 2020
We decided to create the Power Users Awards! They were announced during our Data on Board 2020 event! Discover the most impressive catalogue, the most original dataviz, the most inspiring initiatives, the most useful services, the most active users, etc.
Agata C. Hidalgo
30 November 2020
At Data on Board 2020 dozens of inspiring data stories were shared. These 3 contain the recipe for a successful data service launch!
Eric Reese
23 November 2020
If you work in data these days, you have likely heard about data storytelling. From simple visualizations online to complex investigative pieces from outlets like the Washington Post, data storytelling has exploded as a method to better inform and persuade audiences on a variety of topics.
Eric Reese
20 November 2020
The key to getting started with external data is finding the right use cases. External data can add critical context to your internal efforts, but you first need to know your goals and your organization’s needs to be efficient and effective in using external data.
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