[WEBINAR] Product Talk: Using AI to enhance the data marketplace search experience

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Lauréline Saux
14 December 2023
Opendatasoft is launching a new AI-based feature: semantic search. This is based on a vector model for easier, enriched discovery of an organization's data assets on a data portal. To find out more, we interviewed Emmanuel Daubricourt, VP Product at Opendatasoft.
Anne-Claire Bellec
23 April 2024
In today’s digital-first world, data sharing and use is essential to effective local government operations. Based on our recent webinar, Opendatasoft customers the City of Kingston and the Town of Cary explain how data portals are helping them to deliver on the needs of their citizens and employees.
Lauréline Saux
16 April 2024
Learn more about the metadata templates available on our data portal solution and how they help to improve data quality and compliance, increase efficiency and save time on a daily basis.
Anne-Claire Bellec
09 April 2024
Driven by the need to decarbonize, increase efficiency and meet changing customer needs, the transport and mobility sector is undergoing a rapid transformation. Data is at the heart of this, with data portals critical to building an effective, sustainable and customer-centric transport ecosystem.
Lauréline Saux
02 April 2024
Across the globe cities and municipalities are transforming themselves into smart cities, improving the urban environment for citizens, visitors, and businesses, while boosting efficiency and sustainability. In this blog we explain what a smart city is and how to build one successfully.
Anne-Claire Bellec
25 March 2024
In a changing world, cities and municipalities need to provide seamless access to reliable, high-quality data to all employees if they are to meet their objectives around efficiency, improving the lives of residents, innovation and sustainability. We explain the importance of internal data portals to delivering on these needs.
Anne-Claire Bellec
19 March 2024
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing enormous transformation, guided by its Vision 2030 plan. Data is key to building this new, digital-first economy - and our experiences at the LEAP technology conference highlighted the vital role of data portals to successful change.
Lauréline Saux
Discover how updated data lineage provides a detailed understanding of the relationships and dependencies between objects in your portal, thanks to the new "field" level view.
Lauréline Saux
12 March 2024
At Opendatasoft we are continually aiming to improve our technology and approach. To better understand our strengths and weaknesses we therefore carry out an annual client satisfaction survey. Learn more in this article!
Lauréline Saux
04 March 2024
Understanding the importance of metadata and putting the right strategy in place is vital to effective data sharing and reuse via data portals to progress towards data democratization. Our comprehensive blog explains what metadata is, outlines its benefits and shares best practice for your strategy.
Lauréline Saux
27 February 2024
Explore how data portals are revolutionizing value creation for organizations. It's no secret that data represents a unique opportunity to create value for both public and private sector organizations.
Anne-Claire Bellec
19 February 2024
Delivering smart city success starts with pilot projects to prove that concepts benefit the community. However, often projects fail to scale beyond their initial rollouts, meaning their benefits are lost. We explain the importance of data portals to maximize the chances of project success by seamlessly sharing information with stakeholders.
Anne-Claire Bellec
13 February 2024
Even more than in other areas data portals have a key role to play in delivering innovation, transparency and new services to citizens, businesses and governments across the Middle East. Based on best practice examples, we explain where should organizations focus when it comes to transforming their portals.
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