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Anne-Claire Bellec
06 June 2023
Opendatasoft has launched its unique, innovative data lineage feature. Focused on usage, it allows organizations to better understand how their data is used internally and externally, across data ecosystems, while improving the ease and efficiency of data portal management.
Anne-Claire Bellec
24 July 2023
How can energy companies in North America meet their challenges around decarbonization, greater customer-centricity and increased electrification? Our latest blog explains the importance of data in enabling transformation and collaboration, outlining how to get started with effective data sharing.
Anne-Claire Bellec
09 May 2023
Achieving the energy transition requires radical change in the UK gas sector. In a more complex ecosystem, collaboration, innovation and greater efficiency are key - our blog explains the role of data sharing in fueling success.
Anne-Claire Bellec
06 February 2023
Increasing energy data usage drives greater efficiency, collaboration and innovation within utilities themselves, and across the entire sector. However, sharing data more widely with other stakeholders, from local government to start-ups enables true data democratization and offers even deeper benefits for individual organizations and society as a whole.
Anne-Claire Bellec
14 November 2022
Ensuring data flows effectively around your organization means adopting the right structure for your data team. What are the options and when should you pick a centralized, rather than decentralized approach? Our blog explains what you need to know when structuring your team.
Anne-Claire Bellec
11 October 2022
To meet its current challenges around sustainability, efficiency, transparency and innovation the UK utility sector needs to become more data-driven. Introducing our new utility ebook, this blog outlines the obstacles to data democratization and how the industry can overcome them, based on best practice and data sharing use cases from across Europe.
Anne-Claire Bellec
08 July 2022
There’s a growing interest in open data in the UK water sector, encouraged by industry regulator Ofwat. Our blog therefore looks at the current picture, outlining the benefits of open data, the challenges to its adoption and the best practice lessons that can be learnt from other industries.
Anne-Claire Bellec
21 March 2022
Open data is essential to creating smart grids and decarbonizing the energy sector. Our blog brings together best practice from leaders such as UK Power Networks, Enedis, Elia and EDP to demonstrate how open data can drive transformation across the sector.
Anne-Claire Bellec
22 February 2022
The energy sector is at the forefront of the move to cutting emissions and limiting global warming. We interviewed Matt Webb of electricity distribution network and system operator UK Power Networks to learn how open data is driving transformation and building a Net Zero future.
06 September 2021
How is Open Data becoming a essential part of the upcoming revolution in the energy sector ? EDP, EDF and Enedis share their visions and experiences !
28 April 2021
Industrial actors have a major role to play in global efforts to cut carbon emissions, but how can industry satisfy its rising energy needs while meeting climate targets? The answer is energy efficiency through data. Read more to find out how.
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